Does Font Size And Shape Matter For Your Blog?

It does. It matters a lot.

End of the post?


I have visited more than 150 websites to meet with my fellow bloggers in the last four days. I have tried to keenly observe the themes and fonts used in all of them. I feel there are a few observations which I would like to share. I feel these observations might help many of us. We all know that articles are personal opinions. I don’t claim to have an objective opinion neither I am an expert. But I feel you would be kind enough to consider these observations and share your valuable feedback with me. This would not only help me but also many fellow bloggers.

In my personal experience I find very small font difficult to read. I have a weak eyesight and wear glasses. I have observed that it becomes extremely difficult to sail through an article if the font size is both narrow and small. If the font is small but has enough width or if it’s circular in shape– it makes it more legible. Circular shape and a small size might work if you like small font on your website but if you use small font with a very narrow width you would surely be off-putting, annoying and repelling many of your readers. Most of us read for joy of it and if it’s too arduous a task they would prefer not to.

Tiny Fonts, Cramming and Geniuses

Graphology has been my interest for over a decade now. I have observed and studied many handwriting samples. What applies to graphology is applicable to typed letters as well. People with tiny handwritings have great powers of concentration. If you observe handwriting samples of eminent scientists and philosophers like Einstein, Newton, Descartes and Dostoevsky–you would find that they all had tiny handwritings. If you don’t believe me please visit a few graphology websites or browse through letters of eminent scientists like Darwin which are easily available online.

Albert Einstein–A Physicist and a genius.
Albert Einstein’s Handwriting Sample

Tiny handwriting allows cramming. Cramming is a technique to put more letters in a comparatively small space. The geniuses in history were subconsciously practicing this technique. As you write your ideas down you are simultaneously processing them too. This creates a feedback loop. Whatever you are thinking is affecting your writing and whatever you are writing is affecting your thinking, which in turn affects the next thing you write. This feedback loop is how we learn and improve our writing.

More information in a small space allows your brain to process a great amount of data within a very small time creating a very powerful feedback loop. This makes you get brilliant ideas. Your creativity flourishes. The technique of cramming increase powers of concentration–no matter whether you use paper and pen or use a computer to write. You can use cramming to get inspired. I have used it and found it to be of extreme help for increasing observation and concentration.

Wait, this means small font is good? Am I advocating use of tiny fonts on your website?

No, I am not.

Tiny fonts might help you get inspired. But they also flood you with ideas which might create stress and confusion if you keep working with them for very long duration. Please use them in moderation. You might also use small handwriting when writing on paper–it will also give you a great focus. I went to describe the importance of tiny font and letters in detail to stress that I am not against them as far as your reading and writing in private are concerned. They might help you become a better thinker and a meticulous observer.

Then what is the problem?

The Problem With Small And Narrow Fonts

The problem is–your average blog reader is not looking for mental gymnastics. He wants an easy ride through your blog. If you are an expert author–he wants to get the information he came for in a short period of time with ease. If he has to struggle with reading tiny fonts or fonts which are so dark against a background as to become almost invisible–he is not going to visit your blog the next time. I find big round letters which have good width very easy to read. I like circular fonts.They make me feel comfortable. Too big a font-size might also be off-putting because people who have a wonderful reading speed will not be comfortable with slow reading which comes with too big a font.

How To Change Fonts?

I was working with Blogger for four years. Blogger has a post editor which allows you various fonts like Roman, Arial, Helvetica and Times. I understand that it’s better to keep fonts homogeneous all across the blog rather than changing it for every post. WordPress themes have custom fonts which can be changed easily. If you want to change your fonts–go to WP admin–there you would find tabs column. Select Appearance. There you have a sub category called Customize if you click it. It will open up another page where you can change your fonts and many other things. Select the fonts you like as the font names show you a preview of that script. Click save and publish and the changes will be applied to the entire blog.

Introverts, Extroverts and Bloggers

Small font also suggests that the person using them is an introvert. It’s a known fact that introverts generally prefer study and contemplation over socialization. Blogging is socializing. Without an audience you would not be motivated to keep writing for very long. Big fonts suggest that you are an extrovert and moderate fonts suggest that you are an ambivert. Big fonts are an invitation to your reader. They are shouting that you are open to interaction and feedback.

Similarly the fonts with enough width suggest that you are an easy-going person. Round fonts are also welcoming. Narrow width of fonts accompanied with small size might suggest that you are a narcissistic personality. It’s not that we all are graphology experts but we all have inner sensors which perceive more than what comes to our conscious attention.

Why Adapting Is A Good Thing To Do?

Featured Image -- 1434

I am not telling you to change your personality. If you like being narcissistic–please stay that way. If you are an introvert– it’s well and good. Perhaps you are extremely intelligent–you might even be a genius. It’s great but as a blogger you want to interact with others. You want an audience. People who like, comment and give their valuable constructive feedback to help you grow. You might be an introvert, extrovert or a narcissist. It doesn’t matter much. What matters is–you are hungry for love and respect. It’s not a research project. It’s a social party. You want to get noticed and appreciated for your talents and skills. You want a pat on your back and a kiss on your cheek every now and then. This is the way we humans are unless we are suffering from some acute dysfunction. We all are social animals. That’s why I am suggesting you to use a font which is clean and big enough to read. I hope you would find my advice useful.

Since today’s assignment is to work with the themes–I thought this would help some of us. If you didn’t like this article please let me know why. I would be glad to learn. By now you might have got bored with my repetitions but I want to thank you for all the love and kindness you have showered upon me and other bloggers in last four days. For all your help and support I thank you with a big smile. This community is a truly wonderful place to learn and grow. If this article helps even one of you it would be a great source of happiness and pride to me and I would consider it a success. Please give me your precious feedback. Thanks for reading. I wish you another wonderful day here in university.

Edit: I was not aware of fonts. I sincerely thank Kristina Van Hoose for telling me about them.


35 thoughts on “Does Font Size And Shape Matter For Your Blog?

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  2. Hello Anand
    I wonder what you think a good font would be for seniors who may have failing site? I don’t know what my theme’s font is, but it might be Arial. I think I have to go into CSS to edit it because I can’t see it in the customizer at I am scared to break something in there so I think I will leave it, since it is very easy to increase the size of the font on phones & tablet & on monitor you can just hit control, but it is a good reminder to let my readers know this. Thanks for you article, I agree handwriting analysis is fascinating and often features in forensics.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Maddy. Your comments make a lot of sense. I feel circular fonts like Calligari with large size might be better for seniors. I feel your fonts are good even now. Yes you won’t want to spoil the settings now.So please don’t do that. Readers can adjust at their end too. Maybe in future you can look into them 🙂 🙂 Anand


  3. Thank you so much for this post Anand. It was a very interesting read. I’m still looking for which font to use and changed it several times yesterday, because like you I don’t see very well and understand that it is important that your fonts are not only beautiful ( I wanted a really beautiful one…) but that they are easy to read by everyone , and yet not too big. Had settled into one I liked but I think it is not the one I have now , too tired and sleepy last night I guess. Do you by any chance have any pointers into how to coordinate the font for the titles with the font for the text? my theme does not have the option of the same font for both. Thank you for all the help you have been giving around the Commons. Isabel 🙂


    1. Dear Isabel 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words 🙂
      I feel very elated that you found my suggestions good. I would certainly visit your blog soon and try to give my suggestion. My theme allowed the same font for headings and text. So I would try thinking through to harmonize b/w these two for your theme. 🙂 Best wishes 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the tips Anand – a very timely piece to have at the beginning of our journey . . . and as someone who’s perhaps needing to go visit the optometrist for that nighttime reading – I more fully appreciate the need for easy reading fonts. Actually my fav font has always been century gothic and yet I don’t use that on my blog. might have to look again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are most welcome dear. Thanks for your kind words and visit. I also share this need for bigger font with you. But I also feel that most people would like a font which is easy on eyes. I hope you would also get a font which you like on your blog. I wish you all the very best in 101, blogging and life 🙂 🙂 Anand


    2. Dear Jen,

      I made a visit to your blog. I hope you received my comment too. I thank you for your visit and kind words. 🙂
      I am so glad that you found my article useful. I feel we all create meaning of existence together when we share our love and care with each other without which our existence is meaningless. 🙂

      I wish you wonderful weekend and a great time in blogging, 101 and life 🙂


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    1. You are so sweet. Thanks for your generosity. I am so glad you visited and read this. Please keep giving me your precious feedback. I need it very much 🙂 Cheers 🙂 🙂


  5. Great article. I’m an introvert but my handwriting is large.

    How do you feel about the fomt on my blog?

    Also, with Google fonts added, you do not need to know coding to change your font anymore. The options are still limited, but it is more than it used to be. Just go to customization and click on “Fonts”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your kind words dear Kristina. Yes I agree exceptions are possible. But if you ask me–most of the times I find it true. For example–your blog’s font tells me that you are an introvert. It’s small. But at the same point–the script is circular–might be calligari–I am not sure. I feel it’s legible. Yes I also came to know from other sources about customization. I should have done some research before writing about that 😀 Thanks. I should edit it so that others might find it if they ever come reading it. You have been incredibly helpful to me and everyone else. 🙂 Anand


    1. Thanks for your kind words dear. You need not keep this in mind though. I feel most comfortable reading through your articles as your font is just perfect. I feel this article should be considered an appreciation of your blog’s fonts rather than a suggestion to you. I thank you for your kind words, Anand 🙂 Have a happy weekend 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that is sweet, I will definitely keep that in mind. I do like my font and theme for that matter. If I do change themes the first thing I will look as it the font size, and it does affect so much in a reader.

        the (esc)ape artist

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Alright. I sometimes can’t access your website. It says “it doesn’t exist.” Might just be an issue at my end but please confirm with someone else too 🙂 Anand


    1. I am glad that you liked this article. I heartily thank you for your visit and comments. I also Just visited your website and enjoyed reading the article on importance of bees in our eco-system. Thanks for sharing it. Cheers 🙂 Anand


  6. Great article! Some things to consider today as I try out different themes. I’ve already tried and discarded two and I’m on a third before we were even given the assignment today! (smacks forehead) Anyway, thanks for the advice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Meg 🙂
      Just visited your site and left a comment. Thanks a lot for your kind words. I know you already know all this as I am only a novice. I thank you for your encouragement. Anand 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. You’re so right – nothing makes my heart sink more than when I visit a blog and see huge blocks of teeny text! Especially when that text is white on a dark background… YIKES! Hopefully lots of people will read your article and learn from it 🙂


    1. Thanks. I feel it’s not that bad as we are all learning. I often feel that we should help each other out. Unless our friends tell us what repels them–who would? That’s why I thought of writing this post. I am happy that somebody thought it useful. Much appreciated. Please keep visiting.
      Anand 🙂

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  8. wordscoffeeandlacedresses

    Another wonderful post, Anand and very helpful to all bloggers. It has got me thinking though, is the font on my blog to small and difficult to read? I think it is fine but I could be. If you could check it out for me and leave your feedback, I would appreciate it very much


    1. I checked the font on your website. It has good width and size now. Please see if it’s appropriate for you as well. Don’t give up your comfort of reading and writing for only my opinion. Please take another opinion. Though I am glad you considered my suggestion Thanks 🙂


      1. wordscoffeeandlacedresses

        Awh thank you! Glad to hear that. And don’t worry, I didn’t change it because of your opinion (even though I do value it). I changed my font size and type sometime last week 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes I read that in another comment 🙂 It’s a load off my shoulders as I often doubt that my opinion is subjective and it might be wrong 🙂 Thanks for telling me this. I hope you would attract more visitors on your site because of the better font and they would enjoy your witty repartees even more 🙂 Anand


            1. No I did not mean it to be wrong. I just meant that it was subjective–personal. Often a single person might not be able to see the Truth in many matters where other people might point to it. However, it’s also possible that someone has seen a light which nobody else has–like a kid seeing emperor’s clothes or Buddha seeing the light of all knowledge 🙂 🙂 I thank you for being so friendly and nice to me 🙂


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