Who will cry when you die?

“Who will cry when I die?” he said.

He has a pointed nose with a mole mark on it and bushy moustache which gets thinner towards the edges and long wavy hairs.

Occasionally we discuss things which are not related to work.

“Why do you want someone to cry after you;” I asked!

“I do not know, I just said that; it seemed to have popped in my head randomly!” He said.

“Well, this random question or pep-talk of yours has existential significance in my opinion” I said to him; looking into his eyes with attention.

“I have so often asked people about their goals in life and I have found so many of them earnestly expressing this urge to do something for which the posterity would remember them” I said.

“That is all about legacy, my thought was not on those lines!” he said with nonchalance!

“Anyways, if you allow me to continue for a while; the very urge to be remembered by posterity is based on a faulty premise and yet it is so prevalent in people from all walks of life ” I said to him with the gestures of my right hand.

“This notion of legacy is as erroneous as the idea of one’s own death. There is no experience of death possible and similarly, there is no way to witness your own legacy posthumously” I said with a broad smile.

“All of us who invest our time and energy in being so great that our greatness is remembered long after our demise and do not strive to find joy in what we are doing here and now are working for  something which is never going to happen” I said , with expressions similar to those of a philosopher!

“Your proposition seems very profound but it has a flaw in it” He said with a puckered forehead.

“What if I say, that no matter how illusory the pursuit of legacy is; if it’s what makes me happy and goads me to work hard isn’t it worth my earnestness and effort?” He said with conviction in his voice.

“Since there is no absolute reality, what if, I rejoice in running after mirages; what difference does it make if I really know whether it is a mirage or a reality, as long as I enjoy running after it?” he asked with a grim look on his face.

“You are right methinks” I said. This ended the conversation.

image source:Google+

[ Was originally published on October 26, 2011 ]


6 thoughts on “Who will cry when you die?

        1. yes it’s an interesting story. Language is good too. You honestly describe how you feel about your status, lifestyle and job. I feel social-service is good and we should do whatever possible in our power for people related to us and downtrodden masses, still finding the roots of our being makes us really reach beyond the need of all help and only then do we truly help others, by just being even if we don’t do anything–our presence itself becomes fragrant and blissful for others–like Maharshi Ramana or Nisargadatta.

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