Killing Originality!

Scribbling indeed serves as an amplifier for the feedback loop. If you keep scribbling on a regular basis without giving regard to the quality of thoughts, with earnestness and with speed—you can come up with gems of insights and you can become an original thinker. It’s as simple as that but you do not become a thinker—because you start becoming a writer. You start suiting your message to the audience and start dressing it up for their tastes and you start following salesmen and you become one of them. Becoming a writer is more often than not killing your voice. It’s killing your originality and killing your creativity As soon as you realize that there is an audience out there; that there will be someone reading your thoughts and there will be someone reacting to them; you start changing, you start suiting to them. You do not say it as you wanted to say it, but rather, the way you think ‘they’ want to hear! A scribbler is someone engaged in increasing intelligence, joy and searches truth in the heart of his hearts, whereas a writer is merely busy adorning fine words to bemused audiences. You may question though, what value a genius has if he cannot serve his society! From the viewpoint of society, a writer who entertains masses and leaves a message as well is much more welcome than a vain glorious genius who is often looked down upon as waste talent! Does this really translate similarly in the language of the scribbler? Is he not someone busy exploring? Is he not someone busy playing and busy knowing all that is possible? Is he not someone totally alienated from the moods of audiences, functioning at his peak flowing with the insights!


3 thoughts on “Killing Originality!

    1. I am not sure Ivan. I feel that greater feedback is likely to increase your intelligence. But which kind of intelligence is that? Is it just marketing intelligence? Or the capability to make others happy and solve problems of others? It all boils down to what you want to achieve. That post was written by me many years ago. For a greater part of life I have strived for Self-realization–though that’s not strictly an intellectual pursuit. That’s why you read what you rea. Thanks for your interest. I was just going to visit your blog again 🙂

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