Ved Vyasa, Puranas, Mythology, Scriptures, Self-Realized Sages, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga

absolutely bunkum!

Shri Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa, who is popularly known as Veda Vyasa was a great sage of Mahabharata era in India. He was the author of epic Mahabharata. He created Bramh-sutraswhich are foundation of all theistic schools of Philosophy in India. He splitted Vedas into four portions in order to facilitate their studies for people of his age. Prior to this division Vedas existed in oratorical tradition–transmitted from gurus to disciples in an endless succession in ancient India since time immemorial. He was also the compiler-author of 18 Puranas(Mythology/History/Itihasa) and many sub-Puranas which constitute majority of scriptures of Hinduism. 

Veda Vyasa was son of sage Parashara who was author of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra–a very popular treatise on Vedic Astrology which is the basis for most of the present day predictive Astrology in India. 

The introduction above was necessary to break the ice. Now let’s start discussion on Puranas and Mythologies. Across the globe, in all  civilizations…

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