How Tinnitus Becomes The Word of God!

Tinnitus is considered to be a symptom originating from a number of underlying causes in modern medical science. It’s often found to be irritating or is accompanied with hearing loss, extra wax  and pain in ears or in other parts of body.

It’s intriguing how different cultural contexts perceive the same situation in dramatically different ways. In various Yoga traditions like Raj Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Nada Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Surati Shabd Yoga–the very same Tinnitus which is suggested to be a symptom of disease is considered a symptom of spiritual progress. It’s said that when energy starts moving through subtle pathways and it finds obstacles on its path–many types of sounds are generated. The higher the frequency of vibration where blockage is present–more euphonious would be the melody generated. But in any case, these sounds are suggested to be pleasant, harmonious and inducing trance like state of relaxation.

In certain systems like Surati Shabd Yoga, Nada Yoga and Hatha Yoga it’s recommended to attentively listen these sounds. They are treated as objects of meditation and not as symptoms of diseases. It’s true though that these loud sounds suggest that ascension of energy has not completed–that there are blocks in path of energy. If you start cooperating with the energy which is working to purify your body and mind–these blockages become lesser and you start feeling that sounds are becoming subtler day-after-day.

You know that Tinnitus patients often report of depression or anxiety. It’s so because a person who has not surrendered to life–who is caught between his material desires and whirlwind of awakening which has somehow caught him–or who was once eager to wake up from the slumber but gave-up on the path and became materialistic–is not allowing the energy of evolution to work freely inside his body. He is not ready to surrender to the life.

If you could ever get to hear sounds of other planets and other celestial bodies you would be amazed to observe that they’re very similar to the buzzing you hear in Tinnitus. Australian astrophysicist Paul Francis converted electromagnetic radiations from other celestial events to sounds and they were amazingly similar to what you hear inside your head. Similarly the sounds released by NASA–for various planets in our solar system, have peculiar similarity to harmonious melodies you hear when energy moves through various Chakras in upper region.

Bible says in the beginning was the word, the word was with the God, God was the word. Tao Te Ching verse one also says that nameless name is the Tao–the logos–the origin of the universe. Saint Mat and many other traditions talk about the importance of the true name. The path of energy is not smooth–when there are obstacles and impurities on path of energy–it gives rise to many ailments–hence the plethora of complications listed with the symptoms of Tinnitus.

How Tinnitus is perceived in the West and East is akin to how beggars are perceived in two civilizations. Though I am not unaware of the fact that West is no more west and East is no more east. They have been adopting values from each other for quite long now. This intermingling of values has been very rapid in the last few decades. Traditionally  renunciates in India who used to take vow of devoting their lives for realization of Self were considered very holy. They used to serve in mystery schools or used to do severe penance in seclusion. They used to inculcate Aparigraha–the tendency of non-possessiveness. To get rid of greed and grasping material things was important to cultivate freedom from desires. Therefore, such hermits depended on eating fruits which were naturally available on tress or grains left after harvesting fields or taking alms from people living in villages and cities. These people used to keep only those things which were essential for the survival of bodies which were instrumental for self-realization.

With the passage of time–corruption started and many people who posed to be renunciates started collecting goods for themselves. They became more materialistic than the so-called materialistic people because they wanted to usurp properties of others and luxuries of life without working hard for them. Originally renunciates used to devote their lives in service of God. They were beckons of auspicious purity of life. They had an insatiable thirst for realization of self and wanted nothing from anyone. They were healers of mankind. But degradation not only created a new crop of fake renunciates but also blemished all genuine seekers who gave their lives up for Truth. This has created a turmoil in East but West has never had much respect for  such renunciates. West has had no respect for beggars–no matter whether they’re begging for drugs, for family or for the sustenance of body which they have devoted for penance and meditation.

This is one of the differences between West and East. When I took renunciation I was solely dependent on the charity of religious people. It’s not that I didn’t work. I worked harder to serve God than I had worked to earn a living for myself still I felt that I was moving with ease despite having surrendered completely–despite having given up all my possessions–only because there has long been a tradition of mystery schools and ashramas in India. I used to think–what would I have done had I been born in the West? The answer seemed-that I might have served in a church or in an orphanage to get sustenance and continued to meditate. But perhaps life wouldn’t have been as easy as it has hitherto been to me.

This example which became a bit personal, was taken to suggest that there are apparent differences caused by emphasis on extraversion and introversion. Tinnitus–the same Tinnitus is treated differently in two cultures. In one of them it’s too problematic–leading you to medical professionals and tests and medicines and in the other it’s considered to be a good sign that energy is moving upwards to make you liberated from the clutches of ego and tradition–that you should help this energy, cooperate with it so that these blocks might be removed for the smooth and easy integration of body and mind. So is it Tinnitus or the word of God? It depends where you’re standing! How Tinnitus becomes the word of God? By completely surrendering to life! Thanks for reading.

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