Breathing To Feel Better, Richer and Happier!

absolutely bunkum!

Breathing is easy and effective

Breathing is much more than expansion and contraction of lungs. My attempt here is to remark on my observations about breathing especially from the viewpoint of improving human condition by altering the way we breath.

 Why breathing? Because it is easy; it is ever-present. It is a bridge between conscious and subconscious. The way you think, you become and the way you breathe, is the way you think. Thinking does affect breathing and by changing the way you breathe you can change the way you think. Without breathing very deeply, it is not possible to have profundity. Your brain gets well oxygenated only when you breathe deeply. 

There are many breathing techniques available and anyone of them can be used as per the convenience. The basic principle remains same and can be understood very easily. The movement of mind is nothing but thoughts arising…

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