Poor Chap Picks It Up, Every Single Time!

absolutely bunkum!

Please do not spit chewing gum.
Dropping something then staring at it until a poor chap picks it up for you.
This is the message pasted on the wall where urinals are fixed in my office’s washroom and I read it every day. [ Obviously only while taking a piss!]
Now, for me, possible meanings are: First, it seems like an aphorism. The creator of the aphorism is saying that you drop something at some place and then you wait there until a poor chap comes along and picks it up for you because he has been appointed for doing just that, i. e. picking it up for you. This does not seem tragic at all even when the word ‘poor’ has been used. It seems hilarious and comical and playful. In case where intent is that this ‘poor chap’ is not appointed but someone who comes along and…

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