Karmajiva Yoga: Delineation of Profession With Help of Vedic Astrology

Karma means action. In Spirituality, seeds of Karma are called Samskaras–subtle impressions on psyche-they’re also treated as Karma. It’s aim of Yoga to burn all the impressions present on psyche, in order to get liberated from samsara. When talking about vocational Astrology–Karma primarily means action which is performed as a duty for society and for realizing Self. Lord Krishna also speaks about Karma Yoga as one of types of Yoga which is helpful in realization of the supreme. Karmajiva literally means those duties which one has to perform to earn his living. These Yogas are simple to study but their application must be done with discrimination and proper care. It’s important to study overall horoscope in order to come up with a proper idea about vocation of a native. It’s also useful if Karakamsa Lagna is also studied along with Pada Lagna. Dasamsa Lagna must also be studied to ascertain if the effects of Karmajiva Yoga–which are primarily studied from the Radix Lagna and Navamsa Lagna are not denied in Dasamasa–the 10th divisional chart which is studied mainly for profession.

Here, I am giving a few Karmajiva Yogas: They help you find out a list of planets which have primary say on the matter of one’s profession. It’s important to note that in all affairs of life–the lord of Lagna as well as the Moon sign lord do have a great effect. Duly take them into account when trying to ascertain any matter.

Karmajiva Yogas

1. The Navamsa dispositor of the Radix 10th lord [Brihat Jataka]

To a great extent–the planet which is the lord of the 10th house in the Radix Lagna chart is important in having a say on matters related to profession. The Navamsa or the 9th division of the Radix Lagna chart also tells you about the subtle nature of such planet. The lord of the Navamsa sign of this planet is an important planet in deciding about profession. Note this planet.

2. The lord of the 10th house from the Radix Lagna, Sun or Moon[Brihat Jataka]

As said above–the lord of the 10th house is a very important planet. Examine the lord of the tenth house from all three–Radix, Chandra and Surya Lagna. Note these planets.

Note: This planet is not as strong an indicator of vocation as the planet which is navamsa dispositor of the Radix 10th lord–described in the rule-1.

3. The planet which aspects or is conjunct with the 10th lord from the Radix, Moon or Sun in the Radix Lagna[Brihat Jataka]

Note: This planet is also not a very strong indicator of vocation. Note these planets.

4. The Planet located in the 10th house from the Radix, Sun or Moon Lagna[Brihat Jataka]

Note: Similar to the planet in the first rule–this planet or group of planets strongly affect the profession of a native. Note these planets.

5. Planets located in the 10th house in Navamsa[B. V. Raman–How to judge a horoscope]

Note: These planet is also not a very strong indicator of vocation. Note these planets.

6. The lord of 10th navamsa house[B. V. Raman]

Example: Below I’ve used Radix and Navamsa charts of Ms. Jaya Lalitha-the incumbent chief minister of Tamil Nadu state in India. (image courtesy: Jyotisha Manthan )


Let’s apply rules 1, 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6 on the charts above:

Rule 1: The 10th house has sign Pisces–its lord Jupiter is located in the sign Aries ruled by Mars.

Rule 2: The 10th lord from Radix, Moon and Sun are–Jupiter, Venus and Mars respectively.

Rule 3: The planet which gives aspect or are conjunct with 10th lord from Lagna, Sun or Moon in Radix Lagna: Moon( conjunct with Mars), Mars( gives aspect to Venus) and Jupiter( gives aspect to Mars)

Rule 4: Venus(Radix 10th house)–the 10th houses from Moon and Sun are vacant.

Rule5: Venus and Sun

Rule 6: Saturn( planet of 10th navamsa)

Now we have following planets: Mars, Mars, Mars, Venus, Venus, Venus, Jupiter, Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Saturn

What is to be done next?

Examine the Dasamsa chart–whether it confirms the findings or not. Jupiter and Venus are strong in Dasamsa as they’re located in lagna and the 7th house in Dasamsa.

Examine Shadbala

Shadbala or six fold strength of planets is a detailed calculation of strength of planets. You can learn it from standard texts or alternatively use softwares available online for doing so. But beware that different softwares tend to come-up with different calculations as they tend to take different set of values in calculations. It’s recommended that you read classical texts by Parashara and other sages or refer to B. V. Raman’s treatises.

Venus has first relative rank as per shadbala calculations in the chart above. Jupiter has second. Mars has third.

Since all the planets which all of the rules suggest in Karmjeev calculations don’t have an equal say–try to delineate based on 1. Prime Rules 2. Repetition in various rules. 3. Shadbala strength.

Also note: Lagna lord is Mercury and Moon lord is Sun.

If you take into account all of the above–Venus clearly is the winner. Venus has the greatest influence on her career. And it’s evident as she built a great career as an actress–she was an iconic actress. As about Mars influence–she was a good dancer too and even acting needs a robust physique along with beauty(Venus).

This brief article was to give you an idea about delineation of career using shadbala and karmjeeva yoga. With some practice you can learn knacks to come-up with enough accurate analysis about major planetary influences on your career.

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