Lantana (2001)

Somebody has said that a flower doesn’t become less beautiful just because it’s hidden underground. Lantana is a beautiful flower indeed and a complex shrub which has pungent smell. Perhaps this is the message of this film–showing that love is hidden in the ugliness of relations and they’re complicated with their positives and negatives. This film is an original story with a peculiar angle on relations. It focuses on a few families/people who are related to each other in some way forming a chain or say a circle of relations. 

The film has a wonderful soundtrack. Some beautiful spanish songs and natural melody of insects chirping is very pleasant in particular. This film has a mysterious twist which is just a subplot instead of being the main attraction in the film. Usually I watch mysteries but this film has a gripping drama on relations which engages you from beginning till end and almost never gets slow or boring in pace. The cinematography is superb on the whole–but some shots are strokes of unadulterated genius–I loved them. I felt that all actors were very refined and sensible. The direction and editing are beautiful. This is a very beautiful film and I recommend it to all readers.

image source: here


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