Sea of Love 1989

This is a very well balanced mystery thriller. It has enough romance, mystery and thrill. It’s well paced with gritty dialogue and good performances–not to mention music–Sea of Love is a beautiful song indeed.

Spoilers: There is a serial killer on loose who is presumably a girl who dates lonely guys with mid-life crisis. She kills them in a similar fashion. Detectives arrange to meet her–and in the process they meet many girls–finally they find the suspicious girl who might have been their serial killer but then lead falls in love with her. Things start getting murkier because this detective is in love with the girl and also has doubts about her being the killer–it makes the story very intriguing. The suspense remains intense and passionate till end–when it’s discovered that it was actually husband of the girl who used to kill all the guys who were dating her–one by one. What a wonderful film! Very enjoyable.

image source: here


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