Fear of God

Many moralists regard fear of God as good. It’s considered that it makes a person holy. I don’t consider such holiness very good. I think it’s superficial. Saint Tulsidas has written “बिनु भय होई न प्रीत,” which means “without fear there is no love,” that’s love of God comes out of fear of God. Well, such love is very superficial indeed.

Until there is duality there would always be fear. Until you’re fully convinced that you alone are and God is not different from you, you’re bound to be afraid of God, because no matter how benevolent a God is if he’s different from you, you would remain uncertain about him. 

Jean Paul Sartre has written “The other is hell.

Friedrich Nietzsche has written written “If there is a God, how could he be different from me?

Poet Saint Kabir has said :

अवधू बेगम देश है मेरा,जहाँ ना उपजे मरे न बिनसे,नहीं काल का फेरा!!जहाँ न ईश्वर, जीव न माया,पूजक, पूज्य, न चेरा!कहत कबीर सुनो भाई साधो,नहीं तहाँ द्वैत बखेड़ा ! 

My realm is divine Ayodhya,
where nobody takes birth, nobody dies.
There is no devourer Time.
There is no God, no Maya, no Soul,There is no worshipper or worshipped.Oh good man listen, Kabir says:There is no problems of Duality!!

The  God can never be present in fear or duality. God is present in absolute fearlessness. God is present in love of self. Self is loved. When everything is considered your own self, then the true love is.

image source: here and here


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