Supernatural–Season 8

Supernatural is an enduring show. I started with the season 9 because I did not like season 1 much. The season 9 was satisfactory. Now I am watching season 10 as well as season 8. 

Supernatural has many types of episodes. Some of them are just anchors to give writers and producers a little bit of space so that they can think through. You might call them box-episodes. These episodes are often dedicated to audiences as well and they’re obviously well liked. In many such episodes there are parallel universes where protagonists Winchesters visit. Then there are episodes which are fresh and contain either characters which are newly introduced in the story or which last only for a single episode. There are episodes which are part of the story which continues from previous seasons. The most intriguing episodes for me are such episodes because they have a powerful story line.

The season 8 has first few episodes which are in line with what happened in the season 7. That’s what makes them so very interesting. If you’ve been following season 10, you would feel to concur that initial episodes were interesting but now they’re not that attractive because they’re building upon new episodes. It happens in almost every season. The main story line is active for while and then becomes dormant and then it starts becoming active again towards the end. Thus supernatural has a peculiar mix of type of episodes and wide variety of supernatural phenomena to draw upon. Looking at the first few episodes of season 8, it seems more intriguing than both season 9 and 10 to me. I hope that the season 10 would get more and more compelling with the passage of time! The funniest thing about supernatural is–that whoever dies in this show comes back in some point of time!!

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