Lunar transits affected by associations and aspects

Lunar transits are also known as Gochara in Vedic Astrology. These are most easy to understand and observe because Moon takes just 2.25 days to traverse through a sign. Moon represents mind and our moods are very palpably affected by transits of Moon from various houses with reference to our natal Moon. 

I did a brief note covering basics of lunar transits in this very blog. Interested readers might pursue that note here:

Lunar Transit’s Impact Varies For Moon Signs

Now let’s discuss something related to other planetary aspects affecting lunar transits. I would take an example to explain how other planets affect changes in lunar transits from the standard.

Suppose Moon is transiting through the natal house 1 for a native. In that case, general interpretation says that native would get lucky, feel productive and get favors from the persons of opposite sex. Now let’s consider that Mars is transiting through the first house as well and this Mars is hot enough, i. e., it has malefic aspects or it’s retrograde. What happens now? Now, Moon would not be able to give good results and deviations would be because cold rays of Moon have become hot enough to cause agitation and disturb in the mind of native. This in turn would make native feel restless and mind cause burning sensation in various body organs and might even cause bloody diseases as Mars represents blood veins too. Thus we see that Moon which was supposed to give a great result was deviated by malefic planetary associations and the same stands for the aspects.

Now let’s consider an opposite scenario. The most difficult transit of Moon is considered the eighth house. It causes mood swings and sudden outburst of depression and anger when transiting through the eighth house. It might even cause disputes and break-ups with the loved ones. Now let’s consider a case where Jupiter is also transiting through the eighth house devoid of malefic associations and aspects. Now as Moon transits through the eighth, what happens is–it gets associated with greatest benefic Jupiter. Since it receives healing graceful touch of jovial Jupiter it becomes soothing and the native doesn’t feel any negative repercussions of this difficult transit. Thus we see that what should have been a difficult transit becomes a most auspicious one.

This was an easy example to take into the consideration the effect of various planetary associations and aspects on transiting Luna. It might be extrapolated to draw a broad understanding of predictive nature of transit Astrology. Many thanks for reading through this article and please free to comment and share.

   image source: here and here


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