Life of Pi

Life of Pi is a stunning visual masterpiece. There are very few films I have ever seen, which are more visually pleasing than this one. It’s also a tale of adventure of a brave boy with a young adult Bengal Tiger. You see so many beautiful animals in this film. Orangutans, meerkats, lizards, zebras and birds–all so beautiful. The first part is shot in Pondicherry, India–which is so beautiful. It just looks like the South of France(narrator says so in the film). I have been to Pondicherry a few times and that place is very beautiful and serene. 

The rest of the film has been shot in sea. I think it’s pacific ocean. The special visual effects like thunderstorms and tiger with the kid in the life-boat are as breathtaking as the deluge of flying fishes and dream sequence. The carnivorous island where Pi lands accidentally is so full of meerkats and looks so beautiful. There is a scene in which full Moon appears so beautiful between the clouds from life-boat in the sea. 

This movie is a superb beauty. It’s a mix of water-world and cast-away. I think if you’re a connoisseur of visual beauty, you can watch this movie again and again, and that’s why there is no wonder that Ang Lee won an oscar for directing this movie, in spite of the fact that it was not even an R rated film. I think, the premise of the film is such that there’s not much scope for performances, because most of the screen time has been taken by young Pi and Bengal Tiger, but whatever performances are there, they’re good enough. I felt that the younger Pi who convinced his classmates that his name was not Pissing, but rather Pi(Piscine)–was more convincing than the one who appears later. The younger Pi is also an explorer into various religions and has a curious mind, but later on he’s forced to be an explorer to survive the shipwreck. This is an exceptional tale of a brave young boy. This movie is certainly a very enjoyable one. 

image source: here


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