The Sweet Tooth

A woman was very disturbed because of her son. He had a habit of compulsive eating of sweets. The careless kid used to finish everything sweet in home in a non apologetic fashion. The mother was concerned mostly about the health of her son besides other things.

This continued for a while. Then one day she decided to visit her Guru with the problem. She took her son there as well. Her Guru was a well known man of wisdom. She told about the problem to her Guru. 

The Guru contemplated for a few minutes and then said “Bring him after a few days and then I would give him my counsel.” The lady left the shrine and went home. After a few days she revisited the shrine with her son. The Guru explained horrors of eating too many sweets to the boy. Dramatically, after a few days the problem was solved. 

The woman was very happy. She went to her Guru with some fruits and gifts. She asked about the mystery of counsel. She asked her Guru about the deferment of counselling the first time around. The Guru told with equanimity and calm ” There is nothing mysterious about my behavior my dear daughter. The first time you approached me, I was reluctant to give an advice to your son because I myself had a very sweet tooth. I decided that I would give up the habit of consuming too many sweet meats. Then I really gave them all up for once and for all. I was convinced that a counsel you give to others can work only when you follow it yourself. This gives your counsel the strength of your character. The Truth shines through such a counsel and it does good for both the counsellor and the counselled.”  


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