It’s a mind boggling movie. It’s a mystery thriller involving a time-loop. There are many movies with time-travel themes but I would talk about only movies which are very similar to this one. It’s quite similar to Groundhog Day, Triangle and Edge of Tomorrow etc. I think Triangle comes closest to this one and since Triangle was a later date movie it must have been inspired by this one up to an extent. You notice many similarities indeed but both of them are fun to watch even if you have seen one of them. This movie is a masterpiece like memento in my opinion. There are layers after layers of mystery which open-up in a sequence before the audience.

The movie is similar to aforementioned movies only in that it has a time-loop but it’s also unique in every sense. Here time-loop is smallest. Movie  is unpredictable. The movie is amazing in the sense that it has just 4 faces on-screen. There is an hour long time-loop in which a man enters mysteriously and accidentally and he is compelled to make choices which lead to a crime. I think there is only one crime in the movie, I wonder why it’s named Timecrimes. I think it’s because I am speaking from the viewpoint of the protagonist whereas in the totality the same crime is repeated infinite number of times.

The movie remains unpredictable till end and it’s similar to the Triangle because we notice that there exist three Hectors(main character is named Hector) simultaneously. But in Triangle you see three of them simultaneously whereas in this movie you see only two of them at once but you’re aware of existence of all three simultaneously.

Like all great mystery movies, this one is also open-ended. The climax leaves you boiling with many questions like: What happens to the Hector 3 afterwards? Does he face the criminal charges? Does he go and kill the scientist? Are there other copies of Hector like Hector 4 and 5 who are already aware of other copies? This is an open to interpretation climax and very thought provoking indeed. This is undoubtedly one of the best mystery movies ever and you will enjoy watching it. 

This is a great science fiction film with a very intelligent script and fine editing. You don’t see many special effects and yet you’re witnessing a great deal of game being played. You often feel that why does protagonist make same choices despite being aware of all that is going to happen? What if he does nothing at all? I think that this is an underrated movie. I would give it a 8 out of 10.   

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