Dexter Season 4

I finished watching season four today. I found that the highest rated The Getaway was worth the hype. This has been the best season till now and I think it’s the peak after which a few valleys will come. 

I noticed that episodes are directed by different persons. Earlier I was under the impression that Harry appears in day-dreams of Dexter, but now I think it’s a set very similar to Death Note. In Death Note, you find that Shinigami who loves apples is always present with Kira, similarly Harry is always present with Dexter.

Dexter’s monologues are soul of the series. I observed the pattern that there are multiple lines of investigation in every series. I also observed that there was a prime adversary of Dexter in every season–a compulsive killer who doesn’t live by a code like Dexter’s. This was Brian in the first season, Lila in the second, Miguel in the third and Trinity(Arthur Mitchel) in the fourth season. Since Trinity was the most adroit amongst all adversaries, the season 4 stands apart from all other seasons.

Jennifer Carpenter  seems to be the most accomplished performer as Debra Morgan apart from the protagonist performed by Michael C Hall. The other performances were good as well. Vince Masuka is very comical character and I find his amusing conversations very entertaining. Good sound track adds beauty to it all. The season 4 shows a Dexter whose judgement and attention to the details is much obfuscated by his feelings for his family members. In the end, a few words must be dedicated to John Lithgow who performed exceptionally well as Trinity killer. His character reminded me of Hannibal Lecter. He is not as convincing as Anthony Hopkins, of course, still he is very good at what he does.  

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