Deep meditation with binaural beats

We discussed a bit about brainwave entrainment earlier. 

There are many tools to achieve desired mental states with brainwave entrainment. Binaural beats, Isochronic beats and Monaural beats are most popular forms of brainwave entrainment. Out of these three- binaural beats are most popular, most effective and most tested tools for achieving altered states of consciousness.

In order to facilitate meditation, it’s indispensable to synchronize your brainwaves. Monks use natural methods to achieve it. Entrainment is most obviously a support for meditation and not an object of mediation. You must stick to your time tested natural technique of meditation and use beats to tune yourself up before meditation and to relax in order to gain optimal success in meditation practice. Lucid dreamers, astral projection enthusiasts and those who meditate to gain insights, use binaural, monaural and isochronic beats for meditation.

Binaural beats

Monaural and isochronic beats might be preferred over  binaural beats by some practitioners because of their ‘whole body effectiveness’ or aesthetically soothing appeal. But there is a great drawback with them which makes them an inappropriate choice for deep meditation practitioners. They don’t go into the Delta range. You cannot access deep sleep relaxation, hypnagogic imagery and advanced altered states of consciousness with them.

Those who are advanced meditation practitioners could benefit most from Delta binaural beats. They help entrain brainwaves to the frequencies below four cycles per second. These frequencies are associated with non-REM sleep. These frequencies make glands secrete hormones which help body heal. These frequencies tend to make you sleep but if you’re an advanced meditation practitioner you could stay awake even when delta sessions run longer than two-three hours, making yourself find deepest states of mental calm and happiness. 

Someone might feel pressed to ask the question “Why an advanced meditation practitioner would even need any entrainment at all?” That is a very good question to ask indeed. The answer is–even very advanced monks might need certain atmosphere and time to reach delta states. For most of us binaural beats do this too easily . What it means is–the binaural beats could exponentially improve the rate of progress in meditation. In other words what you might have achieved in ten years could be achieved in two years with the help of binaural beats.

Binaural beats are actually phantom frequencies created by brain. We all have inner binaural beats which are also known as ‘anahat naada’ or ‘word’. The modern medical science disregards that sound as tinnitus because those who are not interested in meditation on sounds find it unpleasant. But it’s divine melody played on divine stringed instrument —the rhythm divine. Binaural beats just let us find our rhythm divine and connect us to our true being. This divine melody tames the biggest enemy–mind . It turns your biggest enemy into your best friend. 

Binaural beats are one of the most potent tools for meditation. They are easy to use and effective. Their effect lasts enough long and they relax you deeply. 

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