Meditation Journal

I refer to my article on basics of meditation. I want to discuss a few more things related to basics and best practices of meditation. The first is keeping a meditation journal. It’s similar to keeping a diary for recording your thoughts in general with the exception that you devote this journal solely to meditation practice.

Those who practice lucid dreaming keep a dream journal. Scientists experimenting with something keep journal. Creative writers keep journal to capture ideas. Similarly keeping a meditation journal is a good habit which reinforces meditative awareness. Keeping a journal is creating a feedback loop and it enhances learning rate and makes it very deep. The first law of behavioral psychology says that you get more of what you reinforce. When you keep a journal your concentration related to the domain the journal is devoted for increases naturally. Which in turn improves the practice exponentially.

By keeping a meditation journal you regulate your practice. You record the timings. You record your observations. You record your findings and you also record blocks-on-the-way. This journal if kept for enough long becomes your guide and friend. Read it weekly or monthly and record the insights and you will find yourself progressing by leaps and bounds in meditation.


The second thing is regularity.

You obviously know about the importance of regular practice, but in spiritual parlance, quoting the meditation masters–” If you skip meditation for a single day, the negative power of universe–gravitates you towards your initial(the way it was before starting the practice) psycho-physical make-up.”

 What it means is–if you skip your practices–it’s not that you just make-up for that day on the very next–but that you are pulled back by many days-down  into the past by the negative force which does not want you to move forward spiritually. If you are irregular–chances are that pretty soon you will give-up the practice. The idea is to practice everyday without an exception no matter what may come. You may practice for 5, 10 or 20 minutes, as much as you can–but skipping meditation altogether is not a good idea.

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