Do nothing and make your world a better place

 Who can wait quietly while the mud settles?

Who can remain still until the moment of action?

Observers of the Tao do not seek fulfillment.

Not seeking fulfillment, they are not swayed by desire for change


Your world is a part of the world out there. In my opinion, the ‘objective’ world out there does not exist for you–it’s all conjecture. What does exist is–your world–the subjective world. The events as you experience them constitute your reality.

Your world or the world at large is not so pathetically random because many people in it are not active, but rather because many people are ‘too active’, under the impression that they are doing a good thing for their world. This does include this piece of prose, I am not an exception indeed. Most of us are in rate race. We are constantly running after something we know nothing about, following each other in a fashion cattle do. 

Do Nothing

It’s our hyperactivity which is adding to the chaos of the world. The world at large cannot avoid it–because it’s according to the laws of nature which were laid down by the creator of this world to let this world continue to run in the fashion it’s running. Can you help your own hyperactivity? The answer is a definite yes. You would make your world a better place to live by doing so.

The idea is to do nothing when you’re confused. Laozi said that master does nothing and gets everything done–that has a very deep meaning and in order to achieve that you would have to travel deep inside yourself–but since the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step–you should cultivate the habit of doing nothing when you’re confused.

Do nothing. Make it a habit of taking time out from your routine to do nothing. Don’t make it a ritual. It’s not meditation. You must not turn it into doing. If you sit or stand at a place–and do nothing for a while–a thousand thoughts would run across your mind forcing you to do something–just be the observer–don’t think–don’t judge–do nothing.

Do nothing when you are angry. Anger destroys the power to discriminate between right and wrong. Your mind will rush in saying “time is running out take action;” but you should ignore it just watching its childish arguments.

Do nothing when you are unhappy. As the muddy water settles if you wait long enough, so would your mind. You would find peace very soon. By doing nothing you would make your world a better place and others would follow your example making your world even more good a place to live.

Do nothing and nothing will be left undone. —-Laozi 

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