Enemy-spiders and chaos to be deciphered!

“Chaos is order yet to be deciphered.”

**********Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers***********

Enemy is a good mystery movie with many metaphors. It’s a Lynchian movie in the sense that it doesn’t end up explaining clearly the mystery it creates. It gives its viewers an open-for-interpretation ending like many David Lynch movies. Other than that you enjoy the way camera moves in this film along with the acting which is just brilliant.

Spiders in the movie represent a strong metaphor. According to IMDb trivia, director of the movie signed a contract with all the actors in the movie to not to reveal publicly the details about spider metaphor. In one of the threads on  IMDb discussion board a member said that director himself confirmed that spiders represented commitment web in an interview. Some other contributors suggested that spiders represent feminine dominance because female spiders are dominating and they devour males up after mating. Some of them suggested that spiders represent metamorphosis. The commitment interpretation seems to be most logical of all as we see a lady dancer crushing a spider in the sex club and in the last scene the wife turns into a giant spider. Apart from the film, personally, whenever I see a spider the idea of the grand illusory Karmic web created by Avidya(Maya) comes into my mind. 

Movies like these are works of art enjoyed because of being open to interpretation. Someone on IMDb discussion board said it well :

 The best explanation here is that the movie is engineered to be totally open to interpretation.

Some clues from the plot are noteworthy for those interested in interpretation: 

The torn picture(suggesting a girl hugging him–a relationship which ended bitterly)  which is used by Adam(professor) to compare with his look alike on internet is similar to the picture he sees towards the end in the apartment with the difference that in the last picture there is a lady  with him. Strangely enough she doesn’t look either like wife or like mistress.

 In the history classes we see the same sentences repeated by the teacher twice but dramatically the students look very aloof to the message, as if they don’t really exist and the teacher is talking to himself. Moreover we see that the notes written on the board change and they become “chaos, order, Truth, reality” etc.   

The mother of the professor points about his inability to stick with one woman and towards his attempts as a third grade actor. Blueberries being liked by one and disliked by other part of his psyche and the comment on the neatness(or lack of it) of his way of living.

You may have noticed that as soon as Adam discovers his double he is eager to meet him but the moment he meets him it becomes something strange and he is very resistant to face Anthony; on the other hand Anthony practices to face Adam again and he wants to take advantage of Adam.  

Anthony goes to the agency where he worked and the clerk tells him that he hasn’t seen him since six months. The wife also tells that it’s her sixth month of pregnancy.

Adam is sexually repressed and Anthony is a sexually obsessed and Volga Talent Agency agent gives him the key to the sex club.

These are dots and you can draw your own lines the way you want. 

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