Devil is not too devilish after all !

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.“—1st Peter 5:8 

“When I was a child, my mother would tell me a story about how the Devil roams the Earth. Sometimes, she said, he would take human form so he could punish the damned on Earth before claiming their souls. The ones he chose would be gathered together and tortured as he hid amongst them, pretending to be one of them. I always believed my mother was telling me an old wives’ tale.”—Voice-over (Ramirez)

****************************Spoiler Alert***************************************************

Devil(2010) is an enjoyable mystery thriller which doesn’t take much time(It has just one hour twenty minutes of running time).This movie is not very mysterious mystery because it is quite predictable. The writer might have thought that gimmick of Devil pretending to die would be very difficult to predict but it’s not so; neither it’s difficult to predict that Devil might incarnate in form of an old woman–by reasoning that the character which is considered most vulnerable turns out to be the evil culprit in whodunit movies. 

Despite lack of mystery in it,  the movie is a sure shot thriller which keeps you engaged throughout. The movie has good sound track supporting it and the inverted camera work in the beginning when credits roll is fascinating too. Manoj Night Shyamalan has done a reasonable story. The security personnel says that the Devil shows us his punishment because he likes to have his audience–which justifies why camera is left intact by him. The story says that the Devil is not some blood thirsty ghost running after everyone but the negative power in the universe which judges the evil doings and damns evil doers before claiming their souls.

The clear cut message given by the story is–that If people take  responsibility for their actions then they are not punished, similarly — if we are ready to forgive everyone, including those who we think did wrong to us ; we are not punished by the Devil. The reason why the word ‘think’ was highlighted in the previous sentence is because if you take responsibility for your actions and believe in the law of Karma–you realize that it’s not really others who do wrong to you, but rather your own actions-then it’s really easy to forgive others–I would go as far as to say–there is actually nothing to be forgiven. As you sow so shall ye reap and what goes around comes around. 

I am not very familiar with Devil’s ways as told in western stories, particularly what ‘claiming’ a soul is  but in Hindu mythology–Yamraj or Dharmaraj or the negative power does something similar but in less horrendous and mysterious ways. He punishes the wrong doers and he is responsible for letting the world run by making souls take birth after birth after birth until they are freed from this cycle by grace of God through a master. 

Devil is not too devilish after all. It’s only that he is doing his job of continuing this universe run the way it’s running. He is a great officer in the grand scheme of God and he works through his agent called ‘mind’ in us. 

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