Triangle is a mystery film that left me with many questions. It’s one of the best mystery movies I have ever seen. It’s futile to really try to figure out complete meaning of an art work like this, because there are plenty of explanations-all equally valid. David Lynch’s masterpieces like Inland Empire and The Lost Highway are best left unexplained. You watch the movie, enjoy while it lasts and you recreate the experience someday later on, but more you try to understand it and more you try to explain it to others, more you leave yourself in illusion. 

Mystery is mystery if it is not understood fully. Movies like these leave doubts and sense of wonder even after many viewings. If you think you have understood it, you are actually making a fool of yourself. Nobody can really understand what God or Mystery is, leave alone expressing it into the words to others. The more you think you know lesser you know indeed.  Christopher Smith has done justice with story and direction and Melissa George has done justice with her role. 

Similarities with  Ghostship, Memento, Groundhog Day and The Shining are obviously notable, and it is a nicely made horror mystery and it might seem that there are plot holes but you have to give it the credit for making you perplexed. The reference to Sisyphus in the very beginning is pertinent and the hell in which Jess is put is what makes it different from a time-loop which should follow scientifically rigorous rules you know. Though there are no strict loops so to say because Jess could see her multiple copies; there is a Karma–a negative bunch of events happening which defies rules and makes you wonder why Jess cannot decide to not to kill and change the pattern–where you might say that Devil comes into the picture. In any case it’s wasting your time to try to fully understand the movie. Leave it unexplained and enjoy watching it as many times as you like.  
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