Powers of Krishna

Three prime powers of Krishna are:
1. Para/Swaroopa/Chit-Shakti.
2. Jeev Shakti.
3. Maya Shakti.

Out of these three also Para/Chit/Swarup power is main power of God.

Swamsha and Vibhinamsha are two types of fractions of Krishna.

Swamshas are akin to Bhagvan and they’re all governers of Swarupa power. They’re co-ordinators of Swarupa power.

Vibhinnamsha are of two types: Eternally-liberated and eternally bound.

eternally-liberated are always beyond Maya and eternally bound are under Maya.

eternally-under-Maya jeev are fractions of Jeev-shakti-vishishta Shri Krishna and not of Para-Shakti-Vishishta Shri Krishna(Of which Swamshas are fractions.)

Swarup Shakti gives a Jeev power over Maya like eternally liberated Jeevs but Swamshas are different.

Bramha Vishnu and Shankar along with Lalita Vishakha etc are governers of Swarupa Shakti–they’re swamshas of Supreme.

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Since we Jeevas are neither fractions of Maya shakti, nor fractions of Para-shakti—we’re also called as Tatastha Shakti.

Since all powers reside inside the source of power we Jeevas are also part of Shri Krishna.

We reside inside Krishna like Swarupa power still we don’t get changed by it; in other words Swarupa Shakti doesn’t affect us. Similar is the example of Bramha which doesn’t get affected —has only two powers—to potect itself and Sat-chitananda.

Bhagwan is equally embedded inside all powers—Maya, Jeeva and Swarupa.

Jeevas are eternal-servants of Krishna. Since all souls without any exception are servants of Anand(eternal-happiness); all of them are eternal servants of Krishna because Bramha, Anand and Krishna are synonyms.


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