Consciousness, Super-consciousness and illusory potency

 All Jeevas(Souls) have consciousness. According to Vedas, there are just three(and only three) elements since time immemorial and there will always be only three: Krishna(God), Jeevas(Souls) and Maya(matter: illusory potency of God). 

Since souls and God have existed since beginning(there has been no beginning in fact)–God is not senior to souls. In that regard soul and God are similar.

But they differ in degree of consciousness. God has infinite consciousness, because he resides in the hearts of every soul of every universe and there are infinite universes. He not only registers the Karma of each and every soul but also gives results and travels into every birth(materialization) with every soul.

Souls have tiny consciousness. Most evolved life-forms in terms of consciousness; humans—cannot clearly remember what they had for dinner last Thursday–leave alone retaining memory of various past lives. 

Consciousness is awareness of ‘I’ but since every thought proceeds from ‘I’, it’s nothing but memory.

More a soul remembers God more conscious it becomes and more the consciousness lesser the problems. Problems get solved by increased awareness. Humans have created more problems than they have solved because they have forgotten the super-conscious God. 

God is all knowing and all powerful and souls have almost no power at all and know nothing–but the ahamkara(ego) which is a tool of Maya(inert illusory potency of God) makes souls deluded by the belief that they know everything, which in turn makes them rude and closed-boxes. In such a state only destruction follows. 

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