Chanting Krishna Increases Your Awareness and Joy

I have seen innumerable debates on Free-Will in various forums online. The free-will is available only when you’re beyond illusory potency ‘Maya’. Maya, Soul and Krishna are all eternal but until Soul is devoted to Krishna, he is consistently troubled by the Maya(nature). Nature forces all Jeevas to do Karmas consistently by three modes, i. e. Sattvic(Goodness/pure-energy), Rajsik(passionate) and Tamasik(inert/dark/evil) modes.

Only when a Jeeva becomes a true devotee, that is, when he attains pure, unalloyed, unadulterated bliss of God and develops an unconditional love for Shri Krishna, does he become free from Maya and attains Free-Will. The power to exercise choice is because of ‘Chit’ quality which is infinite in God but Jeevas have a very tiny amount of consciosuness and hence such minute amount of power to choose as well.

In a devotee, the consciousness, the Chit-Shakti and the Free-will increases in proportion to increase in his Bhakti towards Krishna. 

Chanting God’s holy names without break increases our consciousness. It leads us towards the Sathya-Samkalpa–i.e. more of what we think comes to fruition and most of it is because of our holy attachment to the God is for goodness, love and bliss and not for personal gains. 

Jeevas(souls) have very little size and atomic consciousness. Krishna has infinite consciousness, infinite size, infinite power and infinite qualities. By chanting holy names of Krishna you allow your flame of consciousness to burn more and more brightly. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, an incarnataion of Krishna clearly told in his most brief verses that holy names of Krishna have transcendental energies in them which could be available to anyone who chants them often enough.

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