Brainwashed With Media

Media reflects the social conditions and adds its spices which are negative because it’s ‘sensation’ which sales. Society has many things going on simultaneously inside and some of them are tranquilizers but they are few. What is outside? Nobody knows–focus on negativity and you reinforce it and get more of it–do you need paranoia? Focus on it–do you need goodness? Optimism? Happiness? Focus on source of all goodness—God. Instant gratification is currency of the day and Tamoguna inside us feeds itself on shock, terror and pessimism, otherwise our petty existence feels too trivial and too bored.

I have lately recommended so many people to stop reading newspapers and watching news on television. News, movies(well most of them) and gossips(no matter how innocuous they seem), contain criticism, negativity and terror and they continue to ruin our already unhappy existences in absence of meditation, spirituality and optimism.

Consumerism has given rise to horrendous habits of eating chunks of unnecessary information which damages our brain 24*7. What should I do? You may ask. Your ego would be very badly hurt if I say that surrender to God and stop calculating; whereas if you say otherwise I would be happy—if you don’t want to, it is your choice to stay away from happiness–my petty ego will not get hurt by your choice for sure . You would say “You’re brainwashed and you want others to become like you.” No, that’s not what I am recommending. Most of the news and media for most of the people is useless and unnecessary and if they start deriving pleasure from other creative activities it would lead to  happier lives. If getting brainwashed doesn’t ultimately lead to unhappiness it is worth getting rid of all garbage you have inside your head on which your daily gossip, media and movies have been feeding you throughout your life. 

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