The Ultimate Goal

The goal of every soul is to get joy. Who says that? Religious scriptures do. I believe them because my personal experience, intuition and observations into the lives of others don’t say otherwise. You may call it by any other name; you may call it bliss, peace, happiness, ananda or harmony. It doesn’t really matter what you call it–every conscious being wants infinite happiness without even a split second of unhappiness or pain. 

If it seems that any sentient being is striving to gain pain instead of pleasure, it must be because some dysfunction has set-in. It must be because the temporary attempt at producing suffering and pain for oneself or for others is because of either misunderstanding or because it would eventually turn into happiness.

There are no other movements as far as sentient beings are concerned. There will always be two types: Either to avoid the pain which is already there or to produce greater pleasure. All religions of world, in form or another admit to this fact and their teachings are in accordance with it. It’s their quintessence; anything in religions which increases disharmony, pain or Karma of humanity at large, is, because of the man made dysfunctions and not because of the original ‘messages’ of religions which ‘actually’ descended into them from divinity when they were created.

If people of world understand this simple fact without breaking their heads in myriads of doctrines, a great deal of problems could be solved without any extra effort. Merely understanding our goal clearly will lead to clarity in thoughts and actions. Take for example–our urges to get fame, money, respect, attention and so on; they all seem like different desires, but they’re one and only one desire in core: “The desire to be happy, to be free from pain and suffering.” The clarity of goal leads to clarity of thought process and that in turn leads to the proper way of living to be happy.

The supreme personality of Godhead Shri Krishna is ultimate happiness and bliss beyond any description or imagination and he is the sea in which all rivers of happiness meet. Different religions and philosophies call him by different names but he is the pleasure(happiness) principle driving all souls day and night and he is the ultimate destiny of every soul.

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