The God Story.

There was a man in a big village his name was ‘God.’ He was all lonely. He had nothing to do, no need to eat, drink, sleep; he had no ego, no attachments, no knowledge, no psyche, no properties, no form and no nothing and no Dharma; yes, this makes my usage ‘man’ a bit questionable. So be it; the man met a woman and love was born and they procreated by divine inspiration and now divine is a questionable word; then reproductive organs were born; then their children were born.

The woman’s name was changed to God by the man and don’t forget that man was called God. The children, 100 of them, were all named God. There was slight confusion in family but soon they all became equal because word used to call them was same : “God.” 

They were very attentive, very alert and vibrant; they all had whole mind and they all had only one task to do: Remember word “God,” and sometimes call it out aloud and whatever they wanted was present before them. There were no distinctions, no comparisons because they were all alike and then whoever wanted to do whatever was allowed; here ‘allowed’ is a slightly confusing word. 

They were all “everready” for each other; or you can say that they were all happening in each other; there was no father, no mother and no children. No distinctions and no divisons and yet they were 102; 1 for creation; 0 for sustenance and 2 for dissolution of the families in future; yes future was born into present in form of time and thought because they wanted it to drive the play of Maya; their power. 

They lived happily, procreated, kicked the asses for a few days and it was very astonishing that nobody had ever seen their family!

{ Even more rotfl is the fact that it’s even more suspicious now; since if they were not ‘seen’ how were they reported?}

God continued to divide itself and danced with big white whiskers for long and then love was all around and sandal breeze and science “fiction” was also there. God was fond of internet and like Maya, his power which like a spider, sends its net out and weaves meticulously, but gets it back inside itself as soon as it’s done with net; uses many other cinematic experiences to amuse itself.

God likes to divide till a limit–Higgs-Boson-Hubbasson and then it must come to an end. God gets bored of playing and goes to sleep and then there is a sleeping man and there are no laws and then there is a village and its name was God. 

{ God knows that God reading this Godly passage would find a lot of resemblances to Godly Vedanta, Bible and other Gods.}

image source: here


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