The Story of Daksha and Shiva: The Birth of Vam-Marga of Sadhna

This story has been taken from Bhagvata Purana Canto 4, Chapter two. The following translation of original Sanskrita text is taken from Ramesh Menon’s work, published by Rupa Publications.

Sage Vidura asked, ‘But how could anyone make an enemy of the Lord Shiva, the Mahayogin, the most serene God, who is always absorbed in Dhyana?’
Sage Maitreya said, ‘Once, Marichi and other divine sages undertook a great sacrifice called ‘Bramha Sattra.’ All the Rishis, the Devas, all the divine beings of heaven and earth attended the Yajna.

**This suggests that beings from universes in other dimensions{universes vibrating at higher rates—i. e. Swargaloka} came to attend that ceremony.**

When Daksha Prajapati( Manas-Putra(son born because of holy will of Bramha)) entered the Yajnashala, he was so illustrious, so radiant, sunlike, that the rest of august gathering rose as a man , and paid him a tribute. But only two of those present did not rise, when Daksha entered–Bramha and Shiva.

Daksha strode up to his father Bramha, prostrated himself at the Creator’s feet, and took his blessings. Then, he was shown to his appointed place where he sat down. Now he saw that Shiva was already present and had not risen to honour his father-in-law. Daksha was furious.
His eyes turned color of copper and he hissed, ” All the Bramharishis are here, and this upstart as insulted me before them all!” He begged for my daughter’s hand and I gave her to him. But he shows me no reverence due to a father-in-law. I should have a position of a Guru but this fool doesn’t even get up when I enter! He is arrogant and I regret having given my daughter to him.”
As he went on he grew angrier and angrier. Soon he could not control himself and raged, “He is shameless, this idiot with a monkey’s eyes. O, giving him my Sati was like teaching an imbecile Sudra the Vedas, when he cannot pronounce the holy verses.

We know about this man, surrounded by Bhutas, Pretas and Pishachas, his hair wild, matted in jata, his body covered by ashes from the dead, wearning human bones and skulls as garland, he wanders naked in burning ghats like a king of ghosts and goblins.

At time he laughs for no apparent reason, like a madman, then sobs. He calls himself Shiva, the auspicious one, but he (actually) is ‘Ashiva,’ the opposite of auspicious. He is always drunk or out of his wits on the Ganja he smokes. 
Yes, he is a king, but a king of Pramathas, evili spirits, and an embodiment of Tamas.

Oh, my father Bramha insisted that I give my precious Sati to him, and against my reason and my will, I agreed. How I rue that mistake today? How I regret having given my pure child to this master of goblins, this vile, mad fellow, this unmada.”
Not a word did Shiva speak, and a small smile played on his lips all the while that Daksha raged. Daksha sprang up, took some holy water in his palm, sipped it in achamana, and cried at Shiva:

“Shiva, I will curse you!”

The others, all great ones, rose in alarm, and tried to restrain Daksha. But he was besides himself and past listening them. Daksha cursed Shiva.
“From now on, when Indra, Upendra and other gods receive the havis from any Yajna, you shall get nothing!”

And the Prajapati stormed out of that Yajnashala, where a shocked silence fell. Daksha returned to his home. But Nandishwara heard about the curse, and his eyes turned red as plums. He, in turn, cursed Daksha. 

“Only a great fool thinks so much of himself that he forgets who the lord Shiva is! Daksha minds niceties of decorum too well, and forgets the Truth: that Shiva is the Parabramhan. Such a fool shall lose Shiva’s grace and become like an animal who live only to satisfy its hunger and thirst. 
Why, this Bramhana Daksha, this son of Bramha, is as witless as a goat. So let him soon wear a goat’s head. And you Rishis and Bramhans, who stood silent while the fool cursed Shiva, all of you shall suffer for the crime committed here today.
Bramhanas the time will come when you will adhere blindly, witlessly to the ritual of the Veda, to its honeyed songs, but you will have forgotten the inner truths of Sanatana Dharma. 
The time will come when you will be winebibbers, gluttons and debauches, living just to satisfy your basest appetites; why, the time will come Bramhanas, when you will live by begging alms! And you will be so greedy and so full of darkness that you will eat anything at all, however impure.
{Note: I don’t know if Shiva stopped getting havis, but the second curse seems to have done its due by two ways:A. Today Vedas are being taught by people born in families which are omnivorous. B. People born in Bramhin families have started eating eggs, non-vegetarian food and even cow meat today.C. People born in Bramhin families started begging for living. Earlier they used to live on Dakshina methinks.}
Your only love for gyana, tapasya and holy Vratas will be to deceive the world to have your livelihood. For your only attachments shall be to gold and property, to lust and greed.
You will chant the Vedas but will not know inner meaning. Your rituals will be like a fragrant corpse devoid of life, lifeless, empty and of no real value to anyone.
***It’s true that most of the Bramhin community today is not doing its due. Even those chant verses of Vedas daily don’t really comprehend them properly, in my humble opinion.***

Bhrigu sprang on his feet, and cried in retort, “I curse those who follow Shiva to be enemies of true Shastras! They shall be called ‘Pakhandis’ and ‘hypocrites.’
They will wear matted jata like Shiva, bones for ornaments, cover their bodies with ash from burning ghats, be drunk on Sura(liquor), wine, and be outcasts from four varnas.
Nandin denounces the way of Vedas, the way of the Bramhanas, which has been the only true path in this world, the path of the manes. So the followers of Shiva shall be heretics, unclean, and shunned by decent men everywhere, who worship Vishnu, the Lord of Gods.
{ Hint towards the historical/mythological conflicts between Shaivas and Vaishnavas. Vaishnavas, Bramhanas, The Aryans considered that their way, the Veda way was the greatest and truest path of all***} 
Note: Sage Bhrigu, a Bramhin Astrologer in this story might have used his Vaka-Siddhi(Perfection of speech) to shape events of future of Shaivites or he might have merely predicted the misfortunes. 
They will have their own cult, based on their Lord, the Smasanilaya, the Sarvaripati, the dweller in cemeteries, the Lord of the night, Lord of goblins, and it shall be left hand way.
[ This is to suggest about Aghoris, Nathas, Nagas and Rajnishas–all following Vam-marga.]

They shall all be possessed and ruled by the Tamoguna.”

As Bhrigu raged, Shiva rose, and without a word, but with a sad look on his face, left the Yajnashala with his ganas. The Bramha-Sattra was duly completed, after the thousand years set apart for it.

The sacrificers, all those great and holy ones, came to the Sangama, where the Ganga and Yamuna meet, and bathed there in the holy waters, in avabhrita snana.
Then purified, they returned to their ashramas and spirit realms.

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