Faith versus Dogma

Sometimes even if that(religiosity/faith–not dogma*) gets into the way of questioning, thinking and philosophizing, it might be good for religious people. Religious and even scientific knowledge requires ‘faith’ and without faith there is no way out. Doubt cannot be eternal–faith is.

{ Of-course, everything written above and below is just that: my opinions. }

I was reading the other day that religious people are happier. Faith might be the cause of happiness.

But the question is: Is happiness so important?

My answer is: Yes, everyone is active knowingly or unknowingly to make him/herself happier. Sages and seers say that it’s happiness–eternal–bliss, which is our true nature.

I think religions as a way of living originated because they’re a means to be happier. Similarly technology and means of entertainment play a unique role in alleviating discomfort and boredom and make us happier.

The root cause of all ailments is psyche and incessant stream of thoughts which become negative when life-force-energy is not enough to sustain all activities.   

*I believe that there is a certain difference in having great faith for some ideas and starting fights for your unreasonable ideas. Dogma is intolerance of thoughts of others and faith is conviction in your thoughts for search of Truth/God/higher-power.

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