Subjective Morality

I don’t stand contrary to the argument of subjective morality. In fact I have belabored ‘subjective universes’ many a times in previous threads. I just wanted to thoroughly examine this particular stance that morality might be a social thing, if any angle called ‘social’ exists at all. Then, I might imagine a common mind which has a say in what is moral. This common mind creates a moral code and that moral code has a say in deciding moral values. I don’t say that this is ‘absolute morality,’ but this could be a type of morality. When examining ‘Suicide an altruistic act or not,’ {if you use ‘idiosyncratic,’ angle, which is, in fact, only angle possible, in a sense} you end up deciding if it’s an altruistic act or not:

A. You don’t have access to any ‘real persons,’ therefore, all you have is your opinion, based on your thinking, based on your reason and feelings. Now you could decide if suicide is altruistic by saying:

” I feel that suicide could be an altruistic act in certain circumstances.”

You’re deciding for yourself and only yourself. [ In case you don’t know if you exist or not, which has been addressed by various theories aboutBramh, then–you cannot decide even for yourself–only confusion remains.]

You don’t know if others exist–so you cannot say that ‘Suicide is an altruistic act for all.’

So your answer that it’s an altruistic act for some soldiers during war or something similar is invalid. 

All you can say is– that it could be an altruistic act for you, in certain circumstances.

But who’re you if there is nothing else to compare you against?

If your imagination is all that exists, then, you cannot know if you even exist.

But if you think that you exist because you think, you exist only when you’re the ‘ultimate and only and every–Bramh.’

It’s very confusing indeed.  

It seems that idiosyncratic solipsism tends to end in Bramh; therefore these days, I am much motivated to think in terms of moral-codes and opinions for two purposes of ‘discussions’ and ‘thinking,’ in general.

In that sense, the ‘idiosyncratic personality’ which exists inside society, exists inside my head.

Would love to hear from you!

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