Learning Curves, Majors, Minors and Subs

When you start learning something new, you get some results as you start putting efforts. If you continue to put effort for enough long, your gains start accumulating and soon convert into obviously substantial gains. Then along comes a plateau–you see constant gains or no gains at all. Then, you try many new things but nothing happens–but then there comes a course-changing phase where you encounter a knack or evolve some old tricks into a new knack.

The phase where your consistent efforts result into the gains give you sometimes, what are called dreams of flying. You might not find yourself flying in the air–but might find that you run for a while and then you gain enough of momentum to get-off the surface of earth and then start flying. But even during the flight you have to put effort because transcendence is not permanent and knack is not ultimate.

The flight is associated to the kicks you get for tricks. Only when there comes a type of major, sub and pratyantara, you start putting efforts of a certain type and as soon as that is over you give them up all together. When similar rays of planets start affecting you again, you start putting similar efforts, later in life and continue your work from where you left the last time. Majors, minors and subs are amplifiers of samskaras. They are various filters and amplifiers used to let only certain type of thoughts into conscious from subconscious and then those certain types of thoughts get converted into certain types of acts.

Do we karmically handle certain type of inner energies in certain majors, minors and subs only? Take an example: If we started meditation in Jupiter’s major, because it’s a planet signifying the 12th house in our horoscopes, then, will we stop meditating altogether as soon as its period is over? Some habits last for life–can you say that they function only in some of the majors? 

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