Prometheus: Why Ridley Scott has to be so boring?

Ridley Scott is dramatically boring in Prometheus. There is nothing new in it at all, there is no new ‘angle’ of looking at things either. If you have already watched Aliens and Blade Runner and disliked them, then, unless you have absolutely nothing else to do, please don’t go to watch this movie.

The way Men in Black and Ridley Scott looks at aliens is a kindergarten way of looking at them in my opinion. I feel that there are enough people interested in these childish alien stories, that is why they keep on repeating such disasters. 

Stanely Kubrick seemed too slow in his 2001: A Space Odyssey, but in my humble opinion, his way of looking at extra-terrestrial life is not only a ‘graduate’ level of looking at this subject, but also offers much more to the imagination of his audience than Scott ever did.

Except couple of scenes in Scott’s Prometheus, nothing inspires; whereas in case of 2001 of Kubrick, almost everything moves you. I think that there might well be these organic chunk of ETs filled with sleazy slime in the outer space, but I prefer watching really intelligent, almost divine life forms. Both of them and all the conceivable variations are possible, but I just cannot tolerate stuff filled in the despicable forms depicted in movies of Scott.

Scott has not improved even a little in my opinion. Blade Runner was a disaster and despite all the hype and appreciation by Christopher Nolan, Prometheus is even bigger a disaster. In Scott’s movies, as a rule a crew would go out hunting for extra-terrestrials and these members would be attacked by a chunk of Franksteinian ET and one or more members of the crew would get infected by some contamination. 

Sets would always be dark; I mean come on, you could have found a pretext to get some light on sets, why it has always to be so dark out there? Then, to add up on that pile of stupidity, the great writer Damon Lindelof of TV series Lost had to give his inputs. You know what he added? Come on, you cannot miss it! Do you remember what happened to all the ladies on island in Lost? Yes, they all started to get pregnant one after another, even if they were incapable of reproducing prior to landing on that island in that fateful plane crash. The same happens in Prometheus; the lady who was not fertile at all–conceived an extra-terrestrial! How disgusting; but this was the only brilliant input given by Damon Lindleof. Why do they have to make such movies? It’s so because people could learn from mistakes; they stop watching their movies and such movies are not created again and again as a consequence.

Hats off to Ridley Scott for being poor on imagination and playing with the same toys all his life!

OTOH: I love Gladiator!

Image: Prometheus 


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