Lunar Transit’s Impact Varies For Moon Signs!

It’s raining cats and dogs over here, in Bangalore this afternoon. There are no all sweeping effects of Moon’s transits for all Moon signs as some of the examiners tend to believe. The difference I am talking about here is not because of the differences created by major and sub periods in distinct nativities. I would keep scope of this discussion to cover only Moon signs and not other factors.

Moon in the eighth house is not considered to be a good transit, especially for relations, negotiations, discussions and debates. Moon in the eighth house by transit tends to make one argumentative, impatient, paranoid and prone to accidents and injuries. Break-ups and ruptures in relations, defamation and slander and mental agony happen during this phase in most of the nativities. But does it mean that this is equal in gravity, if you leave all factors aside? It’s not so. Let me take an example: For a native with Aries Moon sign the eighth house transit will be most acute, because Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio. Some people argue against it–because in their opinion, debilitation lessens the evil effects of a planet; but in my humble opinion it’s otherwise. The debilitation makes both malefics and benefics meaner and not the other way around. For example: Mars debilitated in the first house would tend to worsen the Kuja Dosha when compared to the exalted Mars in the first house. Similarly, transit of Moon through the eighth house would be most crucial for Aries natives as they get distorted rays from debilitated Moon in Scorpio. On the other hand exalted Moon in the sign of Tauras in the eighth house, for Libra Moon sign, would give least acute results. Could this be the reason why Libra people are so balanced and popular when it comes to the public life? May be; it needs further investigation.

You can extrapolate this proposition for other Moon signs and auspicious as well as inauspicious transits. Take for example the transit of Moon through the sixth house. For natives of Sagittarius Moon sign, Taurus is the sixth house and Moon gets exalted there, sending its most brilliant rays; therefore it’s most auspicious disposition for Sagittarius natives. But for Gemini natives this position is somewhat less auspicious because Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio. You might calculate various combinations borne out of various dignities of Moon for all the Moon signs this way. You might get more accurate results for your transit predictions for all purposes using this technique.

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