Saturn: Getting Things Done.

A strong Saturn in any chart confers the capability of getting things done. Saturn is all about toil, patience and perseverence. It’s about hierarchies but not about power. It’s all about justice and it feels most comfortable when it’s doing justice(in sign Thula(Libra.)) Strong Saturn in the sevent house of horoscope gets directional strength and if it’s in either Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra, it forms one of the Panch-Mahapurusha combination known as ‘Shasha Yoga,’ which makes a person an inborn leader with capabilities of getting things done. But hind side is marriage getting delayed. Saturn is all about ‘slow and steady wins the race,’ and like Kalsarpa Yoga, it seems to be holding a person back but in reality polishes them again and again and paves way for grand success.

A strong Saturn in chart also makes a native quite immune to much dreaded Saadhe-Saati and Kantaka Shani; but it should not be taken literally–the impact of transit of such a big and slow moving planet is felt by every native, be it a transit through an auspicious house or an inauspicious house; but in case of aforementioned natives, these transits don’t wreak much havock on them because of the strength conferred by the radix chart.

Jyotisha is not superstition and it’s also not a pseudo-Science; it’s a proto-Science and it works by way of Karmic scripts written in our subconscious. A strong Saturn in a person’s chart doesn’t magically make a person powerful: It makes him a hard worker first. He is very persistent and works his way through all odds, at a slow and steady pace and wins the battle. He also becomes a hard-task master who loves justice and that’s why he becomes a leader.

Saturn: Image Source


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