Lost: Seasons 1 and 2

I am watching TV series Lost since last few days. I am about to finish second season. Without doubt its cliffhangers, twists, turns and mystery have made me a traveler on the mysterious, ever surprising and miraculous island with ten other people. Why I say only ‘ten’ others? Because rest of the characters look dead, planted only for namesake on the island, but I think it’s true about life as well, therefore no qualms. These ten characters and strong plot is enough to entertain you throughout the season one and two.

There are two story lines, primary storyline, of course, deals with what happens to the survivors of plane crash on island, whereas secondary storyline portrays past of various characters, in flashback, and gives you hints about the karmic connections which have brought them all on this island . I have to admit that except for a few characters, I did not like this flashback much and waited impatiently at times, for it to finish, so that the primary storyline flows smoothly.
There are many inconsistencies, perhaps deliberate at times, but very annoying at other times. Take for example ‘Polar Bears’ on island, a great threat for the survival for all those people. They almost disappear after a few episodes? On one hand it might be a great mistake, or on the other hand it might be deliberate attempt to suggest that, Polar Bears, like mysterious black horse, are one of the surprises of this island and that’s why they disappear after a while.
Another speculation about Polar Bears might be that they just migrated because they sensed danger to their lives caused by the hunting, but that also seems difficult to digest, given that most of the times John, Jack, James, Kate and Sayid wander throughout the island and meet not even a single polar bear at all. More than that there is no chance of their getting disappeared from the island.

Similarly, take Black Smoke Monster, who seemed like a giant dinosaur in first few episodes. If this monster is really the security system, as French women tells others, why it’s so inconsistent and whimsical in its appearances on island. May be.

There are many inconsistencies about which we can continue to talk whole day, but I think I enjoyed it despite all inconsistencies. Take another examples: Sometimes, it takes only a few minutes for people to reach to the Hatch from the beach, and sometimes it takes them many hours, in spite of their speed being same. Remember the day when John gets the dream about the plane and Boon dies. Even when John wakes up Boon early in the morning and Boon meets the accident, by the time John puts Boon under Jack’s care and disappears it’s already a sunset, which seems beyond comprehension.

Take another example: After episodes of attacks on Claire, people migrate back to the beach and thereafter, very few times people have to go to caves to refill water and there are virtually no threats to them while doing so.

But peculiarity of characters starts engrossing you after a few episodes. In second season especially, I just observed how demanding and egoistic a leader Jack is, in spite of all his goodness and helping nature as a doctor. How mercilessly driven to fulfill his dreams and visions John is, who lets Boon get killed and puts Mr. Ako in danger, knowingly. The ego-clash between these two prime protagonists is a main feature in the second season.

You rarely, if ever, see more than 40 characters together on screen, which might be justified because you cannot keep 48 people at one place all the times. Even when 3-4 other people meet the people on island near beach, the count of people during funerals hardly crosses 35 people, which is hilarious, because, it would have been wiser to keep 35 survivors instead of 48 if they were not able to afford.

The series is good for those who love mystery and adventure, but it gets quite predictable, slow and dull at times, especially because of the secondary storyline in my humble opinion. I will soon finish second season and let you know of the other season I watch after it.

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