My Penchant For Online Reading

Contrary to what most people have reported, I find it easier to read online news, journals, books or articles compared to those in paper. The reasons are simple: Most of the times The font-size can be manipulated in as many ways as you want, but not always, as some of the sites are edit-proof. But most of the times I am able to adjust font-size and I love this freedom. More than that, I am able to copy the content and paste it on a friendly tool, like Notepad, Worpad or MS Word. I don’t really miss not being able to highlight things using markers because this could be done on your computer too.

It also facilitates quoting texts when you’re planning desktop-publishing of your content. On one hand, as some people love touch, taste, smell and sight of paper in their hands, I just love the freedom to be able to read and quote things easily.

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