Mars in Sixth House of Horoscope

Mars in the sixth house is a good placement. Natural malefics like Saturn, Mars and Rahu, enjoy being placed in houses 3, 6 and 11, which means their placement in such houses gives good results in general. Sixth house is a difficult house, along with eighth and twelfth, but the placement of malefic planets in sixth is considered an auspicious combination.

Mars gives good results in the sixth house, more so if it’s in one of its own signs, i. e. in Aries or Scorpio or in its exaltation sign, Capricorn. But on the other hand, debilitated Mars( in the sign Cancer) will cause some diseases related to head, which might call for surgical treatments if Saturn is not well placed. Mars exalted in the sixth house gives good career in service( possible only for the Leo ascendant.) Mars in the sixth house aspects 12th, 1st and 9th houses by its 7th, 8th and 4th aspects respectively. That is why it makes native fortunate and vanquishes his enemies and gives success in litigations. Aspect to lagna makes a native quick tempered with subordinates and courageous as well.

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