The Avengers: Action Par Excellence

The Avengers is an action movie worth your time in a cinema hall, on a big screen, in 3D, with friends and popcorns. The Avengers has spell-binding action sequences and three-dimensional special effects make this movie a glamorous phantasmagoria. The bunch of super-heroes doesn’t let your 128 bits of attention get any space and that’s why in spite of length of the movie you don’t feel bored. Even if you’re not an action movie buff, you can watch this movie and enjoy. The last time I went to watch ‘Wrath of The Titans,’ and it was a very bad experience because story was not good and it was not a 3D print. We were told that it’s 3D but it was not. The 3-D glasses just made it bit more dark and difficult, but there was nothing three dimensional. You might say that we badly wanted our money back. Story was a rotten tomato and so were performances. I did not like anything at all about the movie. But this time, my apprehension ended as soon as the movie started, because it had a great feel of 3-dimensional space and action sequences were breath-taking.
The story of the movie is not new, especially for the readers of Marvel comics. For me though, some of the superheroes were new, Captain America for example. Iron Man has been one of my favorite superheroes, since I started watching cartoon episodes on Sony Entertainments channel in my childhood, but now Robert Browney Jr. is iron man for me and he is likely to stick with the image of iron man for enough long. He has been a great entertainer in two recent movies, Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows and The Avengers. In The Avengers, his character is that of most witty, resourceful and powerful superhero.
Apart from action sequences, there is nothing else in the movie, but what else do you expect in an action movie? There is some 20 minutes of dialogue which is a bit comical for a while but mostly it’s petty ego-clashes between superheroes. Movie helps you exercise your imagination to the full and it’s as awe-inspiring as it gets in two hours. My verdict is that you must watch it on big screen in a 3-D print, if you have an option available. I have not watched a better action movie in cinema hall. Since Nolan’s Inception, I have not seen any movie better than The Avengers in any genre, it’s technically superb, perfectly directed and a perfect entertainer.

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