Charisma, Storytellers and Sports

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One of my interlocutors pointed to charisma as a key factor about influence of Hollywood or Bollywood on masses. The word ‘glamour’ literally used to have a meaning ‘magical spell’ earlier. As far as charisma is concerned, it’s not a fact that actors are more charismatic than people in other walks of life. As far as research which has come into my notice goes-spiritual and political leaders are considered to be most charismatic people in society and it has its reasons. Glamourous casting of spells has more to do with embellishments around ‘woods’ like Holly, Bolly, Tolly and Kolly. Theatre actors, despite having great talent don’t cast same spells. If you study the feedback loop, it seems that it’s the society which gives Hollywood or Bollywood this feedback of greatness and hence this glamour becomes even more reinforced. The question is: why?

My friend also brought my attention to the storytelling and its vital role in our society since the inception of humanity. I have always wanted to discuss about storytelling. Storytelling is rewarded in our society. There are obvious exaples in our history. The writers who are most celebrated are all storytellers. This is a great topic for discussion, but I think, in case of Hollywood or Bollywood, directors and scriptwriters who are real storytellers are not treated with as much of awe as actors are. Who is more of a storyteller? Actors do describe and enact it for us with vividness but are not directors and scriptwriters the real storytellers?

But storytelling cannot be the only factor in the creation of this monster of celebrities. What about sportpersons? They don’t tell stories but do entertain. Sachin Tendulkar or David Beckham or Tiger Woods are almost demi-gods for their followers. They do project that charismatic image about which we have been discussing, but I do want to point to the platform which allowed all of them to do so: Sports. Why sports have so much of appeal? Because it entertains and brings out this hidden hero or warrior within us to the front?

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