Are We Too Bored?

Why most of the celebrities are entertainers?

Heroes might be war heroes, great scientists, social-reformers as well, but more often than not entertainers are heroes in our society. Just try recalling celebrities who were scientists–you will be hard pressed to come up with more than two or three names. Now, try recalling movie stars who are sought after every hour just for a photograph or an autograph. Why? Are we too bored and need a lot of entertainment? People literally die to work in cinema. Anyone connected to film industry or even to television industry is considered to be a star. Why entertainers are considered so important? Why cinema plays such an important role in society. If you take up any newspaper randomly, you will find a substantial percentage devoted to the film stars, sports persons and  the rest of the bit to the politicians. Why is it so? There are supplements with newspapers and most of them publish news related to TV or cinema performers everyday.

People have a very short attention span and that is why most credit is given to actors and then some credit to some of the persons behind the scene. No matter how masterly those craftsmen behind the screen are they are not given much of the credit ever. Why entertainment, especially the big-screen has a such a high reputation in our world?

Scientists, engineers, doctors and various others make our lives easier and so do entertainers but if you go about searching for most important role, in so called ‘normal times’ of a person’s life, it would be the role played by an entertainer. But then again, jokers are not so highly valued, not many magicians or circus artists are as highly paid. [ I must not be misunderstood here; I don’t consider prize=value, but then some of us do and that’s what is the point I am trying to bring out for the discussion]  Even great artists who act on stage in theatre or in the art films are not considered to be great celebrities. Then, what exactly is so great about the entertainment value of mainstream cinema or most popular sport which makes them go viral?

I would love to hear your ideas as it’s very much possible that I am overlooking some sides but I know that I have never given less than enough stress on the role boredom plays in our lives.

See this post for continuity.

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