Moon (2009) is a Science-Fiction mystery. The protagonist is on Moon in a base of Lunar Industries (a company which mines for helium-3), eagerly waiting for last two weeks’ time to end to return to earth. He has been on Moon for a three year contract. After an accident, he undergoes some shocking revelations. In fact audience of this movie also undergoes a shocking revelation. It is known that protagonist is not what he has been made to think he is. Protagonist is like umpteen other clones of the same man (Sam) and these clones are assigned three years’ contracts each, one by one and then they are put into hibernation, perhaps for future use.
Since all of them are clones of same man, they possess identical memories. I think, though movie is good to watch, it lacks the substance which a great mystery should have. There are certain weaknesses in the plot. The emotions of clones are justified after knowing that they have no real life memories but just implants of a unique patch of the life of the original, but the story fails to explain why these many clones were needed. The clones were needed, perhaps because the company had to spend heavily just once in training Sam and then all of his clones had his memories implanted into them and that accounted for the skills of all of them as astronauts.
The movie fails to impress me except for a few scenes. There is a scene in which an unknown lady is sitting on a chair as the protagonist is drinking water. He thinks that he has seen this lady on television, but TV was not on at that time. You don’t get another scene linking to this one in the rest of the movie. Perhaps this scene was to insinuate that he was getting more and more deluded towards the end of his tenure.


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