Karkamsa Lagna: Combinations For An Author-B

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Sage Parashara says:
41-45. EFFECTS OF KARAKAMSA AND THE 5TH THEREFROM:If Jupiter and the Moon are in Karakamsa or the 5th thereof, the native will be an author.

(B) Jupiter and Moon are conjunct in the fifth from Karakamsa:In such a case, neither Jupiter nor Moon is Atmakarka, therefore we can discuss about the degree of excellence of an author, thinker, scholar or grammarian and not thoroughly about the degree of realization of a soul from this combination.
(1)    Jupiter and Moon are in Cancer (Karka), whereas Atmakarka is in Pisces (Meena) Navmasa. Naturally, as Atmakarka is in Pisces Navmasa. Such a native would not only be inclined towards meritorious deeds, but also would be a Mumukshu (someone who has a deep desire to attain final liberation). Since Jupiter and Moon are in the Cancer, which is sign owned by Moon and which makes Jupiter extremely dignified, the native would be an excellent author as well.

(2)    Jupiter and Moon are in Capricorn (Makara), whereas Atmakarka is in Virgo Navmasa. Itch, corpulence, fire etc. will be sources of trouble for such a native and he would not be an excellent author.

It must be noted that in any other case, when Jupiter is neither exalted nor debilitated, Moon’s dignity will play a role. For example, when Taurus (Vrishabha) is the sign in the fifth from the Karakamsa, the Moon would be exalted; therefore the grade of authorship would rise by virtue of it. If such a combination occurs in the sign Scorpio (Vrischika) where Moon gets debilitated; it will ensure a psyche interested in paranormal and healing.
In all of the combinations given above, association of other influences, by either conjunction or aspect, or both, will greatly modify the results. 

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