Formula For Success Will Not Work Always!

Back-tracking does not work the way it’s expected. When an individual, after painstaking effort and struggle, attains some significant achievement, he attempts to meticulously collect all the factors which contributed to the success. This is truer for those who want to continue getting success. Such individuals under the impression that it’s indeed their efforts, gross and subtle, which have contributed into their success, try to create a formula for success by careful observation. Under the impression that future is very likely to pose challenges like past did, we try to churn out the wisdom and learning from our past encounters. We become extra vigilant for the assessment of any glorious achievements-because those are what matters most. Moreover, we have faith that if the formula works even partially, then we would end up with a mediocre success, if not with the grand success, which in the first place motivated us to create the formula.
I must stress the point that here I am not talking about Science. I am talking about a common man. We all have a propensity to avoid pain and crave for pleasure. We tend to learn from our painful as well as pleasant experiences. We try to mark those deeds clearly out which ended up giving us pain and we try to cast memories of habits which lead us to great success and pleasure.
The behaviour I am talking about is most perspicuous in most of the folks immediately after their triumph, as soon as celebrations are over. A few more thoughtful people keep on observing carefully all through their lives. Do such observations and calculations and formulae work?
The answer is yes and no.
They work in the sense that they make you more humble and wise. They bring you closer to The Black Swan theory. They tell you to not to be to rash in jumping to the conclusions. But it’s all in aftermath. Initially we all are too naive to believe that what worked yesterday is very likely to work today and tomorrow and so and so on. Where does the error occur in such back-tracking in case of achievements and failures?
It happens because of lack of attention to the details. We are systematically trained to avoid paying close attention to the details. When we start analysing factors which contributed to our success, we simply miss to take plethora of variables into the account. Our system is not complex enough to deal with the universe which leads to that success (or failure). Factors beyond our wildest imagination contributed to our success, whereas all we try to do while conducting our so called personal ‘meticulous’ analyses is to look for the things we did, decisions we took and things we avoided. The output is that the formulae are feeble and fail miserably against the test of time. We are left dumbfounded because we invested so much of our time and energy in creating formulae.
Every situation is a unique situation, especially in case of profound problems. You cannot fully rely on the formulae from the past. It is better to be fresh and to rely more on intuition than to look into your database of formulae and codes for the solution. This also suggests that you should be humble to the existence and should have an open mind for new situations. Let the fresh air in!    


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