"How Often Should I Write My Lord?"

“You’re writing way too often these days;” a friend said.

“Is it really so?” I asked.

“You’re writing faster than we read man!” another friend said.

“But what is bad with that?” I asked.

“We read what you publish but I don’t think that we get a lot of spare time to read everything you write.”  The first friend said.

“That’s alright dear; I do not expect you to read everything I publish.” I said.

“It’s important for me to write as often as I want to and I don’t care if anyone really reads everything I scribble down. I have seen blogs where people do just 4-5 posts every year and I do not like that kind of thing, no matter how great the quality of those posts is! I go to a website and I look for more and more articles if I like some articles which I encounter at first and then I really want a lot more stuff and If I don’t get it I get disappointed and I think the same way about other readers. Moreover, there is an abundant joy in creating more often. I do not see that ‘scribbling’ is equal to ‘publishing’; oh yes, you can be more careful with publishing but I am just a bit careless in that regard and I don’t regret it in the slightest with some forms like blogging.”  I said.

“That’s your opinion, my friend and I respect that. I don’t suggest that you do 4-5 posts per year, but you can certainly reduce your frequency to 2-4 posts per month. Doing 20+ posts per month is way beyond what everyone can take.“ He said.

“But you can read whenever you have freedom to read, there is no compulsion to read as soon as an article is published.” I said.

“Then you start losing interest because plethora of posts. If you do a few posts per month people hold on to you and they await more and more posts but too much too often kills the butterflies of interest, you see.” He said.

“ Thanks a lot for your most valuable feedback. But no, I don’t see it actually. All of the places I have been to and all of the guidance I have taken was on being more productive  and by being productive I don’t mean to just come up with a chunk of words devoid of soul, but rather something which seems original to you and I love doing that. “I said.

The conversation ends. 

I truly believe that it’s better to be productive than waiting for ever to come up with something. If you don’t like publishing too often then scribble regularly and wait for those right moments when your heart pounds loud and says “Do it now.” But it’s important to do it very often because if you do it you learn it and more than that you reinforce productivity and you reinforce learning and that is what it’s all about. Some people think that truly magnificent things are produced only if you wait for very long. I don’t think so. Being content when you pour your heart out is most important thing and flow is most important thing and love of what you’re doing is what produces flow and keeps you alive. Out of a lot of trash you produce on a regular basis comes something sublime but if you are trying to figure out a shortcut where you do not want that ‘trash’ and want to directly en-route into the ‘sublime’; sorry, there is none. Thus spake Zhuzhunimai!

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