Wikipedia (English) Blackout !

If you go here or here, you would come to know that Wikipedia will not be available in English language for 24 hours starting at January 18, midnight Eastern Time, because of the two bills being passed in USA. These bills areStop Online Piracy Act” and Protect IP Act” (“IP” stands for “intellectual property.”) . As you would realize if you click on the links given above, the informative articles on these two bills are alive on Wikipedia even during the blackout in order to raise awareness. There are options to share this blackout page on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Today’s Google homepage in USA is also containing a peculiar doodle which had blacked out ‘Google’ image, along with the message “Tell Congress: Please don’t censor the web!“.  

I am not very informed on the issue, but, whatever I have gleaned by perusal of a few news reports and debates suggests that mainstream media in USA is not covering up this issue because of some very surreptitious reasons.

The opposition against these bills is simply alarming that something is wrong and there is such vehemence of it and there are assertions that bills of these nature to protect piracy are there but still new bills are being introduced because ‘powers that be’ want total control over internet in USA and want to make internet users more miserable than Chinese internet users.  


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