Why Did Buddha Become A Teacher?

For those of us who have ever contemplated about nature of Enlightenment, Moksha, Nirvana, Liberation or Mukti; as well as for those of us who have not but would like to: I have, what I think is an interesting question.

It’s true that until you’re a Buddha, an enlightened one or an Illuminated one, you cannot know how it feels to be like Buddha( I know that words used here are a bit slippery because Buddha does not actually ‘feel’ the way we do), still, I have had this question for enough long now.

Remove from the equation the concept of Bodhisattva: An almost enlightened being who stays on material plane because of immense compassion for those who are not yet liberated and need help and perhaps do not know that they need help. 

Remove religion surrounding an enlightened being. Take a pure enlightened Buddha, whose enlightenment is still fresh ( paradoxically enlightenment never becomes ‘old’, it’s always fresh).

Now, by very definition of enlightenment, it’s total absence of ego and desires. There is no urge or ego left, not even the one which wants to do ‘good’ for everyone. [ yes, ‘good’ ego creates chains of good karma, which might be called chains of silver as compared to the chains of iron or bronze, i. e. ‘bad’ karma; still, all karma binds]

In such a case, why would a Monk who has gotten enlightenment would decide to teach the world about Truth?

Why would he not carry on his life anonymously?

More than that: Will he not be aware of cycles of the creation and destruction and hence aware of the inevitability of enlightenment of each and every being?

Will he not be aware of non importance of ‘time’ at an absolute scale of things, and hence would not advocate accelerating enlightenment?

In that case, he should not address and public saying “I am the Guru, I am the messiah; come to me and get enlightened; do not delay, it’s urgent”.

What am I missing?


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