Conspiracy Theories!

Conspiracy theories have far more number of supporters these days. With books like ‘Da Vinci Code’ and with so many videos floating all over the World Wide Web, and with forums like that of David Ickes’s; you realize that these theories are now not rare. Even if you don’t reject these as a proof of plain mass paranoia, you have many questions. Who is conspiring against you? Are they Pharmaceutical companies or Government or Organized religion or Aliens or Illuminatis or Freemasons or Bilderbergers or God or Ghosts from nether worlds? Why are they conspiring against you?
May be they are conspiring against you because of their hunger for power. They want total control. But, who are ‘they’? All of the aforementioned groups or agencies are not known clearly. I mean, you do not know who is really behind them, and to be more concrete: is there anyone really behind them or it’s merely pareidolia.
They control media. They control every bit of information which has come to you! They send subliminal messages through all the media and then to show-off they leave their footprints in their deeds! If they are so powerful, it’s very much possible that what you’re thinking now is because they want you to think! Yes, mayhaps they get nourishment from our fears. They thrive because of our paranoia. It’s like a lollipop in both of their hands: If you do not pay heed to conspiracy theories—they keep on manipulating you to their ends and if you wake-up you become paranoid and supply energy to them!
So, how long could you fight and against whom and for what? There is no certain threat but there is cloak with a title CONSPIRACY and you can never see the face of the killer wearing this mysterious cloak and you have to be ever watchful. Is that water in your glass you are going to drink free of deluding chemicals? Is your house free of secret cameras? Are you not being watched and are your phone calls not being tapped? Is the new guy you’re going to meet today an agent from Illuminati? The list of such questions is endless and makes you have a struggle against an unknown formidable foe.
Conspiracy theories are a good pastime but when it comes to take action you’re left dumbfounded because you don’t know what the action should be! I opine that there could be two ways of looking at these theories: The one is that of cherubic wonder which we express when we see riddled history and infinite unfathomable space: That we don’t know who conspired against whom but we’re open to evidence and another could be that of paranoia: That we are ever watchful, nay even weaving mental threads to fight against someone who would never be visible.

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