Why Do You Spit Balderdash?


“I cannot confirm or deny that anything the following prose says,  has any connection to any matter true or false or any event that has, is, or will occur in the history of the universe. Any similarity to an event or  with an actual existing person(s) is purely coincidental.”

You can fool some of the people some of the times, but you cannot fool most of the people all of the times and you cannot fool some of the people most of the times and you cannot fool all of the people all of the times.

–Mr. Wise. 

RAGA GUN: Why do you write?

VIA ARK MURKS: I write because I enjoy doing so!

RAGA GUN:  Is this the only reason?
VIA ARK MUKS: No, but it seems to be the prime reason.

RAGA GUN:  What other reasons motivate you to write?

VIA ARK MUKS: Well, I do not take my writing too seriously. I never wanted to become ‘the writer’.

RAGA GUN:  Then, how come you started pouring out so much of balderdash?

VIA ARK MUKS: I was virtually always pouring out much, but, in form of scribbling. I used to scribble a lot.

RAGA GUN:  And how that ‘scribbling’ was different from ‘writing’.

VIA ARK MUKS: Scribbling is free-writing, something- not done to amuse your readers. Scribbling need not follow any syntax or order.

RAGA GUN:  Are you talking about ‘James Joyce type stream of consciousness writing’?

VIA ARK MUKS: Not exactly. I was not even familiar with that way of writing. All I used to do, in my random scribbling sessions was-jotting down my ideas as and when they occurred me-without giving regard to the quality of ideas.     

RAGA GUN:  I suppose that the output would have been much like horseshit in shape and hogwash as far as value is concerned?

VIA ARK MUKS: Yes, monkey mind chatters incessantly and not everything is useful. But if you continue to scribble for enough long it starts becoming useful and later on you realize that it becomes an aid to thinking.

RAGA GUN:  Oh, so you started scribbling because you wanted to improve thinking?

VIA ARK MUKS: Yes and no. I started scribbling as a cathartic practice. It helped me in purging out my emotions but soon I realized its value in making me a more careful thinker. It was inevitable that I stopped doing any serious thinking without pen and paper.

RAGA GUN:  Did you find any other advantage?

VIA ARK MUKS: Yes, scribbling can act as a meditation. It helps you get what Hindus call ‘Drashta Sense’. Drashta is onlooker witness to your thoughts and you find this Drashta perspective very helpful in slowing down your thought process. Psychoanalytically a person needs another focal point to let catharsis happen, but, general thinking makes you too automated and attached to your own thoughts. Scribbling on the other hand gives you a listener, a notepad, which is a focal point and that is why you find it very easy to get into stream of consciousness mode of thinking when you scribble.

RAGA GUN:  But, most of the writers scribble, that is how they come up with their ideas!

VIA ARK MUKS: Yes, but pure scribbling should be free from the apprehension. Readers are almost always censors to your ideas. If you write with readers in mind, you do not really scribble. You start shape-shifting. A scribbler never thinks about squelching his stream of perceptions which are sent forth day and night by his subconscious. He keeps on scribbling and the output message is not intended to be read by anyone else. He does not write for getting appreciated or for addressing any issues but for the joy of writing. This, in turn gives him a flow which a writer rarely gets.

RAGA GUN:  But, what is bad about being a writer, you get feedback from your readers and you improve?
VIA ARK MUKS: That is true. There is only one way to learn and that is to get feedback. But what we forget too often is: Our own feedback to our ideas (actions) is zillion times more important than the feedback from external sources. Whenever feedback from external sources starts exceeding your own feedback—you start killing your originality. Scribbling is one of the ways to amplify your own ideas.
RAGA GUN:  That is clear now. What about your writing—the content which you publish?

VIA ARK MUKS: What I find good enough, in my scribbling-I publish. However, I do not pay heed to martinet grammarians and pedantic stylists. I use words which delight me. It is not my intention to deliver a message ‘clearly and briefly’, because; I do not want to show-off my profound understanding of the subjects. I scribble for joy of it and use fancy-florid words at my whim as often as I want to.

RAGA GUN:  But, you have so often been suggested that you ought not to make a buffoon of yourself by trying to bug your readers?

VIA ARK MUKS: I cannot help that. I am an inveterate sophist. I delight in blabberwockying because there is nothing qualifying as quintessential wisdom which should be imparted to the readers. I write because I like to write and I use words because I want to use them.

RAGA GUN:  Very well then, do not be surprised if readers interpret you as a condescending and patronizing casuist mired with vacuous words. They think that you’re male version of a flibbertigibbet!

VIA ARK MUKS: Never mind.            

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